‘Mommyism,’ JANET JACKSON Being Preggers, and Why We Needn’t Be Concerned


If it’s true that (for best effect), layering lotion with the matching perfume permeates best, then Janet Jackson dropping her hit single Dammn Baby permeated just fine—layering it with news that she’s with child, baby.

Deemed “damn” (literally) but some, well wishes from others and second-time skeps of the rest (who’ve renamed the singer Scammit Jackson-still angry reeling from the news of Jackson “postponing” the last leg of her tour to “rest up” in preparation for this baby);



…regardless, (despite actually hearing it from her lips)



…reportedly, there is a baby. (For me, I’m not saying ‘yay’ or ‘nay’).

To know Janet (personally, truly, beyond the stage) is to know that everything is calculated, added, subtracted, multiplied—then equal.

To know of Janet (beyond the stage) is to know that everything is calculated, added, then subtracted.

To know “Janet Jackson” is to learn that everything is indeed calculated, added and subtracted—divided by the fact that the pink elephant in the room and permeating all throughout the world wide web, the minds, minds and the mouths of many is the constant search for this first baby unaccounted for deemed by some as an urban legend and others: a fact-tucked away in the Jet Magazine Weeks Best Photos section of their grandmother’s moldy, cob-webby basement hidden by Google replacing libraries’ microfilm so…good luck finding it.

Either way, whether or not Janet will surface with another video confirming the rumors being true or false (like the throat cancer rumors came and went), the fact of the matter is-reports are surfacing from [quote] “reliable sources” [end quote] that Janet and her [quote] quarti millionaire ‘husband’[end quote] are having a baby.

Although Janet is getting well-wishes of many, many others are still questioning the 50 year old age of the singer who spilled the news of “starting a family” ……………as if she were still 25 [and] like in her prime.


Given the fact that in just a few short days from now, the singer will indeed be 50; many are scrutinizing her decision to have a baby at such an ‘old’ age.

Although fifty, is not exactly “old,” when it comes to having a baby (considering the “risks” backed by medical research) having a baby after 40 years old raises cause for concern by doctors, by families, and in Janet’s case—fans.

Concerns range from medical concerns for the baby, to the [quote] “unfairness” [end quote] of having a child at such an age considering that during once in a lifetime things in the growing child’s life; Janet will be of age that[ many have told themselves] is impossible to share and enjoy (which is totally untrue).

It’s an odd thing which [for instance, terms like “ageisim” and “sexism”], there is really no term for the scrutiny that older women get for becoming preggers yet, moms experiencing ‘mommyism’ are raked across the coals for electing (or accidentally) having a child at an older age [as if by the time a 50 year-old woman has that child who, by 68 years old, is too old to experience watching her 18 year-old go off to college].

That too, is untrue.

Google some celebs (who, by the way can literally “afford” to eat, sleep and live lifestyles and have resources available to them that the average 60+ can’t).

Put some faces on the 60+ like Oprah Winfrey (who is currently 62, vibrant, healthy and alive).

I seriously doubt that just six years from now the former marathon runner (who ran it after 40 years-old) will be walking around with a hump in her back, too old to see her upcoming South African girls and daughters from her girls school go off to college.

My term is refer to this whole thing [“mommyism”] is unfair because, understanding the concern for the health of an older expectant mom and especially the baby, [but] once a woman has made it past those first 3-and especially 6 months of pregnancy with no complications-she’s pretty much

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