Man Gets Information At BEYONCE’s #FormationTour Concert: Reads A Book

Man at Beyonce Formation Tour Raleigh 2
To determine its value and worth to us, sampling and test marketing is an awesome, (and typical) way to gauge whether or not our time or money is worth us going all in on/for a thing, a place, or even a person.

Well if any indicator of the necessity of securing the most enviable ticket it town is gauged by this old guy, one would indeed question the need for getting in formation to get a hold of those golden tickets.

Recently, I watched a guy post to other dads-wishing them good luck for making it through what he went through: The daunting task of escorting their screaming teen to a Justin Biebert concert.

One thing about old men is that they know their place-they know when they are way too old for something or someone-the most in denial they tend to be in (and go out and do) is buying expensive, fast, hot car.

When it comes to hot women on stage-even if it’s Beyonce-old men know their limits, too.

Just ask this guy sitting in the rear of a Raleigh, North Carolina Beyonce Formation Tour concert Tuesday night—reading a book while the powerhouse singer is doing her thing.



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