WALMART Wacko: Woman Berates Man In Front Of His Child For Spending Food Stamps + Are You A Food Stamp Hater – Berater? Come Get Your Read


Although a total invasion of privacy, it seems so long ago [that the] “The People Of Walmart” Internet meme’s showing actual people in the world shopping at Walmart in compromising positions—or wearing questionable and not so well thought out items, was harmless (as long as the subject’s back was turned).

It’s no laughing matter however when the “people” of Walmart are now becoming middle aged women standing in line bashing parents in front of their toddler children sitting in carts-berating them about spending food stamps while complaining about how hard they work and how their taxes are paying for their meals or whatever.

Unfortunately, this very thing was a real (face to face) scenario that, rather than being put on an Internet meme, was caught on tape.

It’s like this.

I blog.

WELFARE SIGNWhether it be celeb, or real persons (like the subject of this blog), my business is to report what someone else is doing or has done out to the worldwide web via my international reach and span.

Even despite any subject moving me to any sort of emotion, it is still (my job) to detach myself from letting it effect me (personally) any more than vaginas should affect a gynecologist who sees ‘em 5 days per week all day: it’s a job/his career.

That said, I have a general “what you eat doesn’t make me fat” policy. And outside of two things:

  • Pocket book-(what I can do to lessen the burden/load of a situation)


  • Prayer (what I can offer for where my pocketbook can’t help lessen the load so I put it in God’s hands)

…any attachment outside of one or two of those things, is fully under [my] control to place at bay. I am not controlled by it in my spirit, soul, system, life, or otherwise because I’m not that kind of weak minded at will, heart or thought and the job or career you chose is one that you have to make decisions like such on, beforehand.

Gauge your ability to detach yourself from the process or subject(s).

I look at it like this, a gynecologist can’t be getting turned on with 50 vaginas in his face all day any more than (like me) a blogger should be so out of control of their own emotions and spirit that the neg side of news gets in it becomes theirs—any more than a taxpaying woman standing in line of a Walmart can control where her dues paid for living in a country that runs its business are going.

You can’t get around or control it so

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