Battle of the March VOGUE Cover: MILEY Makes Manifest-Her Inner MADONNA on Cover of German Vogue, RIHANNA Makes Manifest: 3rd U.S Vogue Cover

images (19) While Britney Spears’ recent: IamBritneyJean rock doc was an awesome look into the life of the poptart [who took the world that she already had in her hands] for quite a ride in late ’99 through around 2006 and is still managing to continue her reign of tantalizing even through now; it safe to say that Madonna has kissed her goodbye and is moving on to other “bangerz”—like Miley Cyrus.

BfH3bLnCIAA10mL  I knew something was a-brewin’. I called it in Other Side of the Fame’s other  blog about Miley’s MTV Unplugged special when Madonna performed on the special with Miley—the two have been hanging out here of late.

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Madonna is timeless-and etched in most all the hottest pop tarts and pop princesses hearts and is often written about being the inspiration behind who many of them aspire to be.

Although the most recent sentiment was expressed by pop princess Rihanna, from the looks of things-perhaps Rihanna’s gonna have to bow out gracefully to the fact that she is the very first American Music Award Icon award recipient and that her stardom is Madonna-level for this generation; because from the looks of things Miley Cyrus is the only one running a close first when it comes to replicating Madonna this decade.

Bfz0hqXCAAE-ai8  Take a look at her recent pics from her spread in German Vogue and have at our Ma’diley gallery.

Spend a little time playing a game of where’s Waldo why don’t you. Miley’s metamorphosis is uncanny:

One can’t help but wonder if Vogue’s EIC Anna Wintour was struggling with a game of eenie meenie Miley mo considering the fact that Miley will grace the cover of German Vogue and meanwhile back at the ranch, pop princess Rihanna poses for her  images (40)  images (41)  third cover: download (22) on the coveted magazine’s US print mag circuit.

It is rumored that Kanye West is campaigning to get his soon to be wife: Kim Kardashian on the cover-and whether true or no, as of last week, it has been up for much debate throughout media outlets as to whether or not a reality star should be granted a Vogue cover. Additionally Huffington Post is campaigning fiercely to get Scandal actress Kerry Washington face in the place.

At any rate, here are a few pictures from Rihanna’s spread:

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