BANK OF AMERICA Sends Mailer to “Lisa is a S!ut McIntire”: The Type of Sh!t That Happens When You’re On Company Time, Gossiping


Although this next story doesn’t involve a celebrity, it certainly meets our “faux pas” category requirement and too, certainly has much’a do with “popular culture” today.

 th (2) Ever logged onto Twitter and saw a person claiming to be at work, then you logged out and came back after your putting your 8-hour bid in at the gig and that same person’s been on Twitter since the time you logged out and went to work and came back–and it makes you thank GOD you have no business where that person works because it painfully obvious they do NO work?

th (1) th (3)Oh you’ve seen it. And like me, I know you’ve sat there [like me–in my head saying]: “This whore does NO work on her job and got the nerve to trying and convince the timeline that her work ethic is impeccable. Shiddd—proof is right here. Just ‘cause it’s work for somebody else, it still tells a lot about you-thTwitter bird…” (I’ve said in my head)

But which is worse?

I’ve done this next thing and you have too! Take your pick: The abovementioned example, or this next one (but you CAN’T say neither!)

 th (4)   th (6)   th (8) Funny things can happen when where using company Instant Messenger, personal texting (or Tweeting). Our little social media posts, personal texting and work-related emails/Instant Messenging can sometimes get us into a little trouble while trying to “multi-task.”  

bofaletterlisa_d2aebd80447fe08719d14e13070c7e77.nbcnews-ux-960-520  A Bay Area woman got a disturbing lil’ piece of mail from Bank of America-adorned with a middle name that she was certain her momma never gave her: A Visa credit card offer addressed to: “Lisa Is A S!ut McIntire” The real Lisa McIntire (whom the mailer was sent to) thinks it was a data entry person who entered the information……(obviously—I mean, would a computer do that?). However, can’t fathom how it could have gotten through the bank’s system.

Me? I’m thinking whatever’s not computer generated, perhaps the computer system just roll their eyes, th (11)sends the information through the matrix th (10)down to its robotic cousin who slides the mail on down the conveyor belt and viola! 



It th (12)goes postal.





th (5) Gone, are the days of sitting at the kitchen table writing complaint letters, licking stamps and crossing fingers for a call or returned letter.

If you’re in eye-view of this blog, I’m here to warn you of a thing or two: Protect your neck when you’re playing around on company’s time in this Information Age of ours, because guess how the real Lisa McIntire got to the bottom of this?

Her snitching tail’s dun’ took to Twitter and tattle-tailed by getting Bank of America’s attention on the matter.

The bank apologized and said they were looking into the situation.

Uh oh.

blows bangs

Be on the lookout for the data entry specialists book, life story and how Lisa McIntire ruined her life.

Story at 11.



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