MIKE Your Calendar For New Book About JACKSON

Mike your calendars. A book about Michael Jackson written by his former (highly intellectual, burly, gentle-giant bodyguards) is coming to a bookstore near you-dropping the G’s on Michael.

I can only imagine with the cash-cows having coming of age and the reality having set in that no matter how close you thought you were to the guy (or how many “secrets” you know), the final four that really mattered to him are borne [of the estate]. I mean, when you know secrets like this, hell, why not make a profit eh?

Well according to the deets on the book, we’re going to all be inundated with the sexy details about some Eastern European (Wiggles my face and fingers) mystery lady friend who, according to the bodyguards [/slash chauffeur]; spent many-a-day all nestled up in the backseat of the limo-most probably moaning out in ecstasy-chanting Beyonce: “Driver roll the up the partition please.”

According to the bodyguards [/slash authors: Javon Beard and Bill Whitfield], Michael was quite the playboy when all never knew. He would send the guys to fetch the mystery lady (they say he referred to as “a Friend). Additionally, Michael (allegedly) even courted another woman—one of which, was the lucky recipient of gifts from Tiffany’s [despite the fact that Michael was known for his frugality-seldom buying anything with cash), but according to this book, he did it for love and lust, Yo.

In excerpts obtained by our sources, the budding authors describe the slender 5.4 mystery lady as drop dead gorgeous and claim that Michael would make late night booty calls after putting his children down, shooting right over to a nearby Hampton Inn………… to get it in.


Bodyguard, Whitfield, claim that it was just something about “Friend” who Michael was more fond of and when she came to town (to stay at that posh Hampton Inn suite…eyes in head), it was a big to-do: everything had to be perfect and “ready for her arrival.”

Let the former bodyguards tell it, no matter how “drop dead gorgeous” “Friend” was, or no matter how much he liked the other one (who got gifts from Tiffany’s), neither one obviously tamed his heart such that having a third girl would be out of the question. This one’s [nick]name was “Flower,” and she would visit a few days after ‘Friend.”

Bodyguard_Michael_and_kid  Other deets in the book include the big reveal that Michael was a strict dad. Once, Michael made Prince walk around with a dustpan and brush to follow the new pup around [that Michael bought for him]. Prince “got chewed out big time” for not cleaning up dog poop that Michael walked on so that was his punishment.

Blanket stare I mean: blank stare

The bodyguards also claim that (despite the Tiffany gifts?) they were in the know of all Michaels money woes and would sometimes go without pay [even while watching Michael go on shopping sprees that would end at point of sale when he credit card was declined].

Welp, that’s about the extent embarrassing secrets you’re going to get in this book because the guys claim they were very fond of Michael and loved his children.

Look out for “Remember the Time (Protecting Michael Jackson) In His Final Days” in June 2014.


I just got done reading some comments people were posting about this book and it’s sad that people immediately see money.

Sure, I joke about it but truth be told (as I see it-truthfully), it is VERY obvious that this book is not a poison-pen effort. And seeing as though they threw it out there that they’ve worked for Michael without pay and monies due them-monies are probably due them. I’m just going to assume they liked him that much that they were most probably willing to await the same big payday Michael was waiting on: The “This is It” final tour and big payday. Obviously, we all know, that did not happen. And these two men probably really are due some pay. If that is the case (especially considering this is NOT a poison-pen effort, but rather, a way of putting Michael out there in a more human light), I don’t see a problem with them doing the book.


As a publisher (and content strategist) since the ink isn’t dry let me offer this: This book would do a WHOLE lot better if the two bodyguards would stick to every single candid (human) detail about Michael and his children, rather than to throw those unbelievable freakshow parts about the women in it–(which very well may be true), but at this point in the game, it’s not worth freakshowing the book out for shock value when the bigger VALUE lies in tales of Michael’s human side and relationship with his children.

So Dear Publisher: Consider that free consult and word of advice from another publisher. Obey the writing/writer’s rule: Write About & Stick To What You KNOW. Those bodyguards know more about Michael, his children, and his relationship with them over these “mystery women” who, to this day, remain nameless and faceless.

 Sure, mention it IN the book (in a paragraph or two), but don’t PROMOTE it FOR selling the book.



Source: DailyMail




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