LINDSAY Comes Clean About “Tryst-36” + OWN Finale Reveals Another Twist

Whether your tryst list contains 3 or 30, if you’re a girl, no girl wants the world feeding between the lines of whom we bedded, got wined, dined (or sixty-nined).

images (2)  In an interview with Bravo Channel’s Andy Cohen this past Thursday, Lindsay came clean about the list. (Other Side of the Fame wrote the story up here).

As it turns out, it wasn’t just another one of those tabloid magazine rumor stories-the tryst list actually did exist (and did indeed belong to Lindsay).

download (3)  When asked (by Andy) about her response to Franco, a clearly embarrassed Lindsay placed her hands over her eyes and replied: “I cannot confirm or deny” [writing the list] but Andy wouldn’t accept that as Lindsay’s final answer-that’s when she caved in and admitted writing it and stated: “Someone, when I was moving during the OWN show, must have taken a photo of it, so that’s a really personal thing. It’s really unfortunate. And I talk about it in the last episode of the show, soooooo to be continued…”

According to our source (in our original story about the list), it was reported that it was picked out of the trash and the rest was  history, her-story: for all the world to see. Either way, the world saw (what was a private conversation among friends) turn out to be public information (by betrayal of a “friend” ..that’s terrible by way).

Lindsay’s last show of her eight-part docu-series on OWN aired Sunday [April 20] and Lindsay had this to say [about the leaked tryst list]: ‘The fact that that happened was not only humiliating, but just mean and mean-spirited / the story’s on [New York Post’s] Page Six right now.

134562-original  Lindsay’s “Tryst-36” (published by In-Touch Weekly) had many of the names blurred out (for legal reasons) and although the majority “victims” listed among the blurred lines exercised their right to remain silent, actor James Franco [named on the list as well] refused to take his claim of being bedded, lying down. He stepped forward to publicly denounced Linday’s claim that he was a notch under her belt and added that he had “refused her advances.”


…”sooooo to be continued” finally came.

download (2) The world had only heard these words (from Lindsay in the OWN finale preview): “This actually really is annoying now. It’s fu(ked up and I don’t want a part in it,” (the list being made public). She continued: “For those two weeks I took off, no-one knows this…’ and the preview goes fades to off.



images (1) download (4) At last paragraph of the blog where we did the write up where Lindsay’s life coach caught her off-guard on camera [approaching her about word having gotten back to her that she found out Lindsay had been drinking], we mentioned that Lindsay had taken [some time off] to get away from cameras and taping.

download (5) images (3) Well in that last and final taping on OWN last night-in one of the most candid, honest, and riveting confessionals Linday revealed that during that two weeks away, she suffered a miscarriage.

If you watched the show, Lindsay was genuinely interested and great with the kids at the community center and they seemed to be attached and took a genuine liking to her, too. Surprisingly, it (her interaction with the kids) was one of the greater and most surprising sides of Lindsay Lohan that the world had never gotten a chance to see.



images   In knowing her public reputation, Lindsay seems [to always] appear to be troubled, disheveled, preoccupied, hasty, quick, pacing, frantic, and volatile, but with those kids, she always seemed relaxed and natural as anymore had ever seen her. It was good that OWN shot her in that light. Thus far, it’s been reported that the docu-series got about 700k views-a less than expected/stellar viewership.

images (4)  It wasn’t renewed for a second season (thus far), but throughout her publicity campaign and promoting it, Lindsay still remains gracious and grateful to Oprah for allowing her the platform and opportunity to have documented for the world to see; her trying to get it right-because she would like to be trusted, and get work in Tinseltown again.

She expressed: “I’m seeing all these other actresses do all of these things and then just realizing, ‘Oh s***, I don’t have that anymore.’ “

download (1)  Her sobriety and lifestyle changes, like anyone else who is human, is a step-by-step, one a day at a time process in which hopefully all goes well for her, going forward.




Source: DailyMail



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