Might ESSENCE Magazine Writer’s Millennium Diss From 2000 Be The Reason LIL’ KIM Pulled Out Of The ESSENCE FEST?


It’s #TeamCancer  season so now is just as good a time as any to let you in on ’em while I segue in to this story.

As a Cancererian myself, let me tell you a lil’ ditty about us.

In short, two things you don’t eff with is:

  • Our babies
  • Our feelings

Ever seen a crab in action?

They move side to side as if they are moving—to avoid getting stuck.
crab 2


Cancer people kinda move about like that in life: protected by a tough outer shell and all mushy, story and wet like tears on the inside.

When you strike and come at a Cancer, they will step forward and claw you in a battle you most probably should have thought about before you came for them.

Some famous Cancerians with mentions on Other Side of the Fame are:

Ariana Grande, Lala, Khloe Kardashian, Kevin Hart, O.J. Simpson, Solange Knowles, Jessica Simpson, Wendy Williams, Mike Tyson, Carson Daly (cusp), Tina Douglass (Ashanti’s mom), Lindsay Lohan, Missy Elliott, Tiny (T.I.),  Fantasia, Jaden Smith, 50Cent, Tom Cruise, Malia Obama, Tia and Tamera Mowry, Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Lena Horne, Vin Diesel

Such is demonstratively like they are in emotional, mental, spiritual, or any other kind of battles: Hurt, offend, hit, or come for a Cancer and they forever will move away from you. They are unforgiving by nature. They just can’t help it. Not they are bad people, they just don’t want to go there with you again because they have a soft inner to protect.

Forgiveness is NOT a Cancerian strong suit. So save the spiritual soliloquy, they are not held captive by not forgiving you-ever. They’ve mastered that thing down to a science – the ability to not fck with you once they’ve been hurt by you. Although it’s not a planet, the moon is Cancer’s “planet.” Cancer’s virtue is emotions and they can rule yours better than anyone you’ve never experienced.

IF somehow, you manage to get them back in your good graces, I assure you, you don’t have that same person before you hurt, offended, struck or came for.

lilkimCancerians are SUPER DUPER hyper-sensitive. Positively emotional-they are a barrell of mush, often times, gullibly so. At their best they are the most lovable people you’ll ever meet. They can be so babified sweet to an annoying point. People who love Cancer’s feel the need to protect them because of that. But they can be brutal if you lose that side of them. On the literal flip side however, though they’ll NEVER admit it, their hypersensitivity to their emotions is so deep that their punishment for you will be 10x the crime. To them, it’s all the same: 1x is the same as 10x. So just don’t go ‘there’ with them if you can help it. Keep it cute. That’s where their soft side is. Don’t piss ’em off. Just ask OJ-or another Cancer about another Cancer you’ve pissed off. They have THEE most lunar/looney emotions when they are hurt. That’s their form of ‘petty.’ Correction: Petty AF. And as caring and nurturing as their nature is-they do NOT care if you take them there.

The world should thank us. Because if you ever need a lesson on learning your lesson in how to treat and handle people’s feelings going forward; just hurt, offend, hit, or come for a Cancer-we are your best teachers in how to not fck people who by nature and build: move side to side to stay out of your way so as to allow you to do whatever it is you are going to do.

Personally, interpersonally, and socially speaking: We are

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