{AngFrankPodcast Show}: Sex & Relationships Why You Should Be Dating Longer Than Being An “Exclusive” Girlfriend

Let’s face it.

The dating phase of relationships and getting to know someone can be as awkward as trying to nail down the signs that you are or aren’t exclusive.

A lot of times we avoid asking direct questions while dating, and early into relationships because we don’t want to seem desperate but it’s just that very vague thing that gives (men especially) plenty of rope to swing—out of a woman’s life (and dangle in and out of it as he pleases).

When it comes to the question of the when’s and how’s regarding that dating to exclusivity/commitment phase, I have one simple remedy (which I’ll explain in detail in the podcast: There is no “commitment” without a commitment. Stop placing so little value and that typical short time frame of dating to exclusivity as if you are entering a marriage—especially with no commitment in sight (other than “he say” “she say” ‘let’s stop seeing other people’).

My suggestion?

Let go of mind and heart-fcking yourself trying to nail down the “are we?” or “aren’t we?” and re-set the standard of what exclusivity is while romancing and committing to the dating phase until exclusivity is substantial—so as to not waste your time.

See why this method makes a man truly want to be with you: