A TESLA’s Gon’ Tes & The Sun’s Gon’ Shine: Driver Killed Testing TESLA’s Self-Driving Car When Bright Sky Effected Sensor

I’m guessing if we can hop up on that ‘3 million miles per hour’ rollercoaster ride holding us ‘6 billion feet’ in the air controlled by a 16 year-old pressing a button and walking away go to grab a funnel cake while we scream, the coast is clear for manufacturing a self driving car, huh?

Well Joshua Brown, a Tesla enthusiast who owned a technology company called Nexu Innovations, surely felt that way:







—despite one of his videos showing his avoiding a collision and having gone on to rack up over 1 million You Tube views after being retweeted by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk; unfortunately, he met his demise when a big, tractor trailer interrupted his Tesla Model S self-drive on May, 7.

It was completely noble and autonomous that Tesla Motors reported it on Thursday [that] 40 year-old Joshua Brown of Williston Florida, was testing his car in autopilot mode and died in a crash. Despite the autonomous Tesla Model S being built to steer and control the car while driving riding on the highway, the enthusiast perished.

Reportedly, against a bright sky, the sensor neglected to distinguish when a big, white 18-wheeler (driven by 62 year-old Frank Baressi) crossed the highway and collided with the car-tearing the top of the vehicle off.

According to Telsa, the car attempted to drive full speed under the tractor trailer which impacted the windshield.

Joshua Brown (again, the man in the videos) died.

The trucker driver was uninjured.

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