Do Men Secretly (Or Brazenly) Become Resentful From The Dating Game? + How To Curve That Bad Date To Break Even

“Love me tender Tinder love, me true. However you take me, don’t leave me blue.”Crouch

That’s pretty much what one guy must have chanted after a Tinder (dating site) date ways south and to the left-upon discovery that it wouldn’t be an encore—he, in turn, wanted his money back that he spent on the girl for the date.

In love, there is no guarantee. So in merely linking up—guaranteed is certainly no guarantee.

The unfortunate thing about being single (whether man or woman) is that awkward 1st date phase where both persons passed test enough to have dinner or drinks yet, that’s the part where decisions are being made in the heads of both parties with no friends to consult with at the table, bar or booth (how/wherever you take your first date).

That first date is that pivotal moment that both parties are going to be happy, or one is going to be upset and left holding the bag (in this case: the check—if the guy had it his way).

A Tinder date gone wrong was the subject of a series of text conversations in which a woman dated a guy off the site and the date obviously went well enough for the girl to make it home in one piece only to turn the guy down for round two.

The problem with that however, was that the guy didn’t take the decline for round two so well-but felt offering to cook dinner for her (at his place) should make up for whatever didn’t go so well while they dated in public.

Yeah right, I thought the same thing as you….and gave that invitation a side eye (for not being so well thought out a suggestion as, that-alone-was a warning sign. He could have asked her back out in public, but instead, suggested dinner at his place—after being turned down for round two.

The creep factor-for any woman (or man-if the shoe were on the other foot), certainly would be there at that point.

At any rate.


When that offer was declined, the guy proceeded to ask for his money back—and proceeded to drop his account number information-asking demanding the girl make the deposit to pay him back so that he could use the money to date….some…other lucky girl? *side-eye

As per her page, this is (and the text exchange) is how it all

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