Disturbing Details in the Case Involving NICKI MINAJ’s Brother Jelani + Is He The Subject of the Rape of More Than One “12 Year Old Girl?”

Nicki Minaj’s brother Jelani’s Maraj’s court date came and he faced the judge-charged with being accused of raping

  • [quote] “A 12 year-old girl” [end quote]

and other reports stating

  • [quote] “A girl under the age of 13” [end quote]Nicki-Minajs-Brother-Jelani-Maraj-Charged-With-Raping-Minor-620x330

If you remember, we reported to yous on December 5 that on December 1, Maraj was arraigned on charges of raping a minor “under the age of 13” and reportedly out on bail that was being reported as put up by the famous star herself.

Well new deets regarding that refute any such thing [that says] instead, it was Nicki’s mother reportedly the one who put up her Baldwin, New York home + two fifty dollar promissory notes to bail her

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