Men: 5 Guys Tells Their Secrets To Waking Up at 4 a.m. To Work Out


There’s a certain amount of obsession and insanity you HAVE to have when making a decision to take on a workout regimen as “lifestyle” (versus some periodic routine for the ‘gram and other occasions). Most of the pretty’s ugly will not be televised and the discipline it takes to begin your regimen in the wee hours of morning will pretty much have you much too focused and one track minded for the lights and cameras-action is the only thing your eye.

The fact of the matter is, with enough dedication, focus, willpower and yes-insanity; if you work at it, anyone can become an early rising iron pumping magnet and eventual machine.

Men often wonder what the motivating remedy is to keeping the eye of the tiger and what the secrets are of the men who maintain that discipline and these masters (who are up and at it a 4 a.m.) reveal, simply, just what they are.


…says former drill sergeant John Burk who says while he’s aware that waking up at 4 a.m. is no easy feat, he remembers an old military mantra that helps drag him out of bed: “You may be tired or hurting, but there is someone somewhere training harder to kill you.”

Currently training for a bodybuilding competition, Burk asserts: “All I can see is this blank figure, this silhouette, and he’s training even harder than me to beat me on that stage,” he says.




…says Richard Rees a personal trainer of his own gym baring the same name, says his alarm goes off at 3:50 a.m. and he’s out the door and on to his run in minutes (no snoozing and pretty).

Preparation is his thing. He says his clothes, coffee, and breakfast are already ready when he wakes and is even prepared all the way down to is socks being laid out for him-so he doesn’t have to think or waste time preparing for anything (that’s easy distracters and tend to knock us off our squares).

Rees feels that that more you have “to do” in the mornings, the easier it is to stay in bed (or waste time getting prepared which too, takes time and shift our focus). Preparing the night


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