Men: 5 Guys Tells Their Secrets To Waking Up at 4 a.m. To Work Out


before eliminates all excuses, says Rees.



images (5)…says Tom Carpenter and ‘Ironman.’

His thing is to take the excuses first-there are a million of them: “It’s looks like rain out,” “I’m tired,” “I’m sore,” and the list goes on and on.

To combat those thoughts and excuses he just ask: “Have you ever regretted one workout?”

With that answer probably running an astonishing and massive domino effect of a “no.”

By contrast however, Carpenter makes sense of it all with what stands true pretty much across the board: When you miss a workout you fee crappy and bad don’t you? Carpenter says for him-it puts him in a bad mood. And just thinking about how he feels when missing is enough to overshadow the comforts of laying in bed and forfeiting your whole workout for the day.

For those who [feel they don’t] don’t have time get out and get a workout, for a total body workout he recommends Bodyweight Cardio Burners fitness DVD that’s action-packed with 3 intense 20 minute workouts that require no equipment whatsoever.



…says Earthlink CEO and ‘Ironman’ Joseph Eazor who thinks about his early morning training for his 140.6 mile Ironman races in terms of long-term benefits. Eazor says devoting training to those early mornings make him train faster and stronger and too, make the races more bearable and enjoyable and is the difference between crossing the finish line with a smile or grimace on his face.

Additionally, with regard to thinking about it in the long run, Eazor says remind yourself of the end result-whether it be the ability to have the endurance to keep up with your kids in the backyard, being shirtless on a beach or having the endurance to run your first 5k without feeling winded. The key to doing it is the feeling of the moment your goal(s) is/are conquered.




…says Craig Ballantyne, certified turbulence trainer and author of turbulence training. As per Ballantyne, the ability to get up early starts the night before, actually. He recommends a complete mental wind-down and hour before you actually hit the sack after the days hustle and bustle.

According to Ballantyne, cutting off all electronics, preparing tomorrow’s lunch or even just reading a book is what’s necessary to get your mind prepared for a really good night’s sleep. He says that if you are still buzzing with ideas or whatever, rather than using electronics, write it all down on a notepad or paper, it will help you clear your mind of electronic and digital clutter and aid in preparing your for a good, quality nights sleep.


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