Was EAZY E Killed Before He Could Kill SUGE KNIGHT? Footage of KNIGHT Insinuating EAZY E Was Purposely Injected w/the AIDS VIrus Surfaces + Is SUGE’s Indirect Jail Sentence Karma?


“Eazy said, ‘You know this guy Suge Knight?’ I said, ‘Yeah,'” Heller replied.

‘Well, I’m gonna kill him! This guy is gonna be a problem and I think I should kill him.'”

“I said, ‘Let me think this thing through. First of all, we’re doing $10 million a month with six employees. We don’t even have a typewriter in the office. I said, ‘We’re the most successful start-up record company in the history of the music business and you want to kill this guy?’ I said, ‘That just doesn’t make any sense to me.'”


“You know something? I should have let him kill him. I would have done the world a favor. He [Eazy] would have done it for sure by himself. He always rolled by himself and he was fearless … I think that he was going to go do it. I took him seriously. I talked sense to him because he did listen to me. Logic always worked with Eazy, he was a logical guy himself. He was very emotional, but he was always logical.”

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Fast forward.

Although he’s currently behind bars in what many would consider reaping what he’s sewn, whether or not the rumors plaguing the history of hip hop sprinkled with Suge Knight’s reign of terror and incidents are true or no, one thing we do know is true was his propensity for innuendo was quite as cutting and curt

…and in this more recent taped (2003) video, perhaps: deadly.

With the movie Straight Outta Compton having made its way to the big screen telling a story about the challenges and triumphs of

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