MARIAH CAREY Still Being Petty …And Still Doesn’t Technically ‘Know’ JLO -She Tells ANDY COHEN On BRAVO

Unable to derive, conclude, assume, or suppose anything sinister coming from this this woman (when she’s online), I’ve always said that Mariah Carey is one of the few celebs who (since the beginning of her Twitter time) has her Twitter game on lock in that (although she still gives “life” to her fans in that she still gives her family “Lambily”/ “Lambs” her “human” touch); there’s not ONE cryptic tweet one can assume is a subtweet or diss—even despite and during some of her most tumultuous times when her private life was played out in public on social media.Mariah I dont know her

One thing I can say about Mariah is that she preserves her celebrity image in ways that is sooooooooo easy for celebs to ruin (for themselves–by blowing their own “image” in this leveled playing field of social media).

Given the combative Aries in her as, they will NOT back down from a battle [beneath whatever gracious exterior they display and are always ready for war if you bring it–it’s their nature-don’t get it twisted still].

TMariah Carey i dont know herhat being said, although Mariah’s Twitter game is graciously impeccable, that-don’t-mean that in person, she promises to be as graceful and non obvious.

In case you didn’t know, thi
s Mariah Carey v. JLo rivalry is one such that all into pop culture know that it is an unspoken thing that where JLo is concerned/it concerns JLo (or not), Mariah admits to ‘not knowing who or what a JLo is.’

It’s been a hilarious and unspoken diss for years that Mariah has never publicly spoken about that is—until she did what it takes to have it brought out of you: Be in the company of either enablers or belayers of all messiness and connections and associations with: reality television/Bravo channel’s Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live (WWHL).

Not only did Mariah

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