MARIAH CAREY Still Being Petty …And Still Doesn’t Technically ‘Know’ JLO -She Tells ANDY COHEN On BRAVO

come clean about knowing who JLo is (sort of), she also answered Andy’s question about she and her former collaborator and American Idol judge (Nicki Minaj) not being the best of chums.




(But all the while making it back around to somehow, still, not knowing what a JLo is—by getting philosophical and down to semantics sorta like what we learned in college philosophy in the study epistemology and ‘what can we really “know” ’…which is always up for debate regarding anything, really) LoL.

Mariah about JLo

*Wipes forehead

Oh..this Aries, Leo (JLo) and Sag (Nicki Minaj)…maybe it’s a fire sign girl thing I dunno y’all, but here’s the


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