PRESIDENT OBAMA Ups Overtime For Your Over-Grind

As many of you sit at your desk this morning…cutting your eyes at your boss with that savage superiority complex and having ruined your day already, if you work over 40 hours/in the week, consider this: “Obama Out” dropped the mic and since then, just gave 4 million Americans yet, another reason to hang on in there:


Under new federal  regulations and ruled as final by the Labor Department (not just “talk of” or greater laters), overtime pay salary levels will be doubled.

Proposed Tuesday and to be made final-today, any household grossing $47,476 per year or less working and 40 hours per week are the lucky Americans in line to be in receipt of this change orchestrated by President Obama who, like Superman repairing the earth


…has obviously been making lists and checking it twice in preparation for conceding [out] this last year of his. In that effort to [quote] “strengthen the democracy” [end quote] he’s demonstratively trying to balance America as best he can-where he can in areas of education, unfair jail sentencing, and other social inclusion.

On the literal up side, this

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