MADONNA’s Mojito Mayhem: Pixel-Mobbed Over Photo of Her 13-Year Old Son Clutching Booze Bottle

 unnamed (1)  First of all, let’s get something straight:  NOBODY “[puts] Madonna under fire.”

MADONNA_AND_SEAN  And the only thing that could ever tame ” the Madonna” was that man pictured on the far left: Sean Penn.

128545-original  If you haven’t heard already, Madonna posted an Instagram pic of her 13-year old son Rocco holding a bottle of gin while surrounded by a couple other pubescent young fellas who too, were holding bottles of liquor. The caption read: “The party has just begun! Bring it 2014.”

1441344_10152085848084402_1266690781_n   roccorockinI said it in an earlier blog about Madonna (right around the 6th pic)-something to the effect of the only thing aging about Madonna is the calendar years. As far as Madonna ever getting “old” I think that stopped at around age 21/22 or so. Take note of her reply to the backlash (a few days after the photo surfaced): “No one was drinking, we were just having fun! Calm down and get a sense of humor!”

madonna-rocco Let’s all be grateful that Madonna replied or cared to explain at all.

She has just always made and broken her own rules, started from the bottom, created + built brands, and reinvented herself in ways that almost no other megastar can nearly compare-and still living by her own rules, successfully so—on a continuum and even into a whole new millennium through to 2014. Who’s done that?

article-1034834-01F09E1E00000578-419_468x514  Having said all that, throughout her adoption of + birthing her very own children, any one who has followed Madonna’s career and moves should pretty much expect (despite the “tight ship”  Guy Ritchie at one time, told the world she runs); still-Madonna’s no old woman. So don’t let the nickname “Madge” fool you. It was merely birthed in the UK: short for Madonna.

rocco room beer bottleSlow news year?

Because I dunno, maybe the media missed the first Instagram pic way back in mid 2013 where she posted: “Still life of a 13-year old.”

 I haven’t a clue as to why this newest one (January 2014) just got caught by the media. Even I caught the one in 2013 (but I wasn’t blogging then) but I posted it on my Twitter account. It’s hilarious (to me) that is.

However, Madge’s fans aren’t so Drunk in Love about it. The (January 2014) liquor pic went viral who, according to our sources, “found the post dangerous, as it seems to promote underage boozing in their eyes.”

Pardon me while I roll my eyes up in my head. But the last of the underage whom the pic probably would’ve harmed or truly startled—————-don’t even HAVE an Instagram account, I assure you.

At any rate, additionally.

Our sources quoted another user singled out (for response) about it: “You gotta know

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