“Bad B!tches” Grab a Pen & Step to the FOTUS: Take Note from FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA On What “Shutting the City Down” Is While Crashing at OPRAH’s Pad

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Sure have at it if you want to: Go on let Internet fame get to your head that you’ve secured after having taken a few pics with some celebs that somehow, overnight, made a “bad b!tch” like you more “beautiful” than you ever thought you’d hear you were, and could ever be possiimages (5)ble-spin into somehow convincing you that you “shut the city down” when you come to a town. 

Sit back, and humble yourself, and if anything; shut your mouth and take notes honey child. Take notes on learning what “shutting a city down” really is all about:

Well, one would typically feel like they had bragging rights if they were neighbors of Oprah Winfrey.

And be rested and assured, that was the case-before all unrest and secur——ity disrupted their daily lives’ comings and goings.download (2)

First Lady: Michelle Obama will be turning 50 next week and reports claim that she has been vacationing at the 12-bedroom Maui estate
of the celebrity she’s known to take a few twit pics with talk show host: Oprah Winfrey. oprah hawaii

images (2)    While all that may be fine and dandy as girls may very well “just want to have fun,” Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama the sleepovers have cause nothing short of fun for Oprah’s neighbors—considering the (literal) airtight security, SWAT teams, and all other extreme security measures being taken to secure the perimeters where Mrs. Obama is staying at her celebrity friends’ [compound].

images (7) The visit may very well be a heavenly paradise and get-away for Michelle Obama, but it has made getting away (and coming back home) absolute hell for all of Oprah’s neighbors.images (6)

Typically when the President (or First Lady) is in your town, it’s fascinating-and you welcome their visit with open arms as you are awed by all the black cars, trucks and security flying and driving by for blocks at a time. It’s so thick and present that even if you didn’t watch the news, you know that somewhere, something royal or presidential is near.

images  While all that may be fine (for a day), looks like the “shutting down” of a town Michelle Obama’s presence has done, has over stayed the “welcome” threshold of nearby households (let Oprah’s neighbors tell it). download (1) According to them, Mrs. Obama’s stay-over at her buddies’ has made day-to-day life for the residents and business owners virtually impossible.

Owner of a nearby flower shop tells our source that the security checkpoints set up on the roads are blocking customers from shopping there while other business owner have complained that they cannot even get their shelves stocked due to road closures blocking deliveries needed in order to continue doing their weeks’ business-even the employees that work for theses businesses are arriving to work extremely late.

images (4)  While Mrs. Obama’s her celebrity friend are having fun, even the fun in the vicinity has funneled due to recreational areas, like parks and hiking trails, too, have all been shut down (in the city).

Although welcomed, Oprah’s presence in the city is already strained from her “generally imposing presence” reports our sources. 

Welp. Perhaps she’ll make up for this by running door to door, business to business yelling: “You get a car!?”

Ya think?

Well, we at other Side of the Fame will let you know if that happens. Until then, these are the haps thus far.  


h/t: TMZ

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