“Act Right” RAPPER YOUNG JEEZY Jailed For Alleged Battery, False Imprisonment & Making Terrorist Threats……To Son

0104-jeezy-mug-shot-tmz-3   THIS JUST IN: “Rapper Young Jeezy was arrested in Atlanta for battery, false imprisonment, and making terrorist threats against his own son,” reports TMZ.

logoSMALL The birth of Other Side of the Fame was 11.21.2013 and this is our very first serious/physical domestic situation, so we felt the need to post a question mark behind the initial post on Twitter about it-then hang back and read all the reports flying in before we blogged about it.


With that being said, let’s kick the ballistics here:

th (8)  th (7)  Although that headline (“Rapper Young Jeezy was arrested in Atlanta for battery, false imprisonment, and making terrorist threats against his own son”) is circulating throughout the Internet, we at Other Side of the Fame fancy ourselves not only on unique, solid, quirky, original, and entertaining content as our blogging stamp of originality, but even in the most serious of stories, we fancy ourselves on doings things a lil’ different around here (where something comes up and clarification is a need). We don’t want to get our readers all riled up in ways that will automatically condemn and point fingers at our blog subjects without fully reading the story (and between the lines if necessary) before reporting as explained HERE (under “Her Journalistic Integrity”)

So again:

0104-jeezy-mug-shot-tmz-3    THIS JUST IN: “Rapper Young Jeezy was arrested in Atlanta for battery, false imprisonment…

th (9)  …and   making terrorist threats against his own son,” reports TMZ.


In 2014 and the Information Age: “battery, false imprisonment, and making terrorist threats” …”against his own son”


(BEFORE Information Age), it merely meant: “An ass-whipping and then being confined to the bedroom as punishment + threatening ass-whipping number two for sitting behind that very door kicking and yelling expletives like you’re grown enough to pay bills here.”

…No different than a “grind” was sex with clothes on back when Prince made “Darlin’ Nikki.” In 2014/Information Age: It’s this run down word people stab, drill and and even spew to put forth, or instead of was at one time-simply called: “Work.”

And when I was a (ballet) dancer-a “frappe’” was a sweeping forward of the foot from first, second, or third position. Then, it was just that: a Frappe. But since the Information Age: A Frappe is merely a delicacy on a McDonalds.


As a blogger at Other Side of the Fame, (or journalist-as even major news journalists do), we’ll still report what we heard:


What-had-happened-was: There was an altercation in which Jeezy and his son were fighting in the bathroom and Jeezy allegedly threw his son into the glass shower door. As a result of that scuffle, he (the boy) hit his head. Additionally is it alleged that Jeezy punched him in the face, dragged him into the bedroom where it is alleged that he threw the boy to the bed and “pummeled,” him says TMZ.

According the documents:


Jeezy was alleged to have choked his son as said: “I will kill you.”


Jeezy’s son alleges Jeezy threatened: “I will put a bullet in your head right now. If I could get away with it, I would kill you.”


The alleged incident happened in September 2012-not today, (although this news came bursting out the pixeled “seems” out today).

Jeezy turned himself into the authorities Friday, January 3, 2014 after a grand jury warrant for all the charges involved were issued.

He was released on bond for $45,000.00.

There are no further details surrounding the incident other than what’s circulating around the Internet [and what we have here].

Since this is a domestic situation, it probably won’t be any of our business going forward.

th (6)    Jeezy’s attorney stated that he had no doubts that this matter will resolve itself appropriately and on behalf of Jeezy he stated:

 th (5)  Mr. Jenkins is thankful for the support of his fans and the respect for his family’s privacy.”

BdZaYUdCAAAEQL3   We at Other Side of the Fame are much obliged.

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