LORDE Doesn’t Want The Flies

Forget about bowing down (to her).

Lorde is just her name…(with an  ‘e’ at the end). And Lorde wants to let you know that she’s lot “Lord” over her fans and flies flocking to her since her newfound success of the song whose chorus of the lyrics are true to life: “And we’ll never be royals. It don’t run in our blood. That kind of luxe just aint for us, we crave a different kind of buzz. Let me be your ruler. You can call be queen bee…”

…so keep all that “Beyhive,” “Belieber,” and “Swifties” jive, Lourde’s not interested-so don’t go assembling legions and allies of fans running around the Internet adorning yourselves as “LordeoftheFlies,” “LordesFlies,” “Lordies,” “Disciples,” or none that-because Lordes is not playing that game, okay?

27th ARIA Awards 2013  Lorde states: “I find it grating to lump everyone into a really awkward, pun-centric name. People joke about it on Twitter, ‘You should call us The Disciples’. Never! I have discouraged it. I’ve tweeted multiple times, ‘No fan name, I do not condone this.’

If you read my other story on Lorde, like me, you’d probably say: “Geezel Peetes Lourdes, you’re so heavy, lighten up!” But on the other hand, I can understand her statement. It’s a little weird, I must say.

We live in a time right now where your favorite celebrity’s mystery is no longer and rather than buying a print mag, flipping through the pages and seeing them on an interview whenever; in real-time, they are ready and available in the insty-buff or the 140 word scruff. And fans [and flies] alike have all stepped up their game in search of notoriety, connection, and fame, so they’ll elect to submit to their idols like literal idols [of worship] then self-brand “fang” names (like gangs). As well, they’ll beg to be followed (for whatever reason), or do what’s usually a sure-fire method that always works: Pay a massive compliment-no matter how derog, weird, excessive, obsessive (or sincere), in hopes of getting noticed or retweeted to stand the best chance of being seen. 

I guess it’s a little awkward that Lorde, being so young and bursting onto the scene with such a profound debut song-then to have been found out to be even younger than we first thought; that age group’s fan base (automatically) really would expect her to come on out to play. But as a writer and blogger-the stories (interviews) I’ve read about her, I too, am quite taken aback that a girl who’s not even eighteen years-old yet would have such strong views and would even fancy herself a feminist at such a young age, with so much more living to experience.

Even the source from which I eye spied and gathered this story to write up about is taken aback (and suggests rebelling against Oh’Lorde’s wishes).

I say, like I always say: You teach people how to treat you. And as well, it’s better to take people just how we experience them. And some people like Lourde [and even myself-I’m guilty truthful about the same thing. Some people happen to have no problem teaching people [and in Lordes case, her “fanbase”) how she wants to be experienced.

Because although it can be fun and tongue and cheek, the reality of our new reality in the Information Age is that we’re all narcissist to greater and even lesser degrees-including Lordes (who too, has a public social media page for the world to see).

While there is nothing really wrong [with that that lesser degree of narcissism], you only ruin yourself when you permit yourself to play into it. And although these legions of “Beyhive,” “Belieber,” and “Swifties” may tyrant around the Internet going to battle for you, there’s no real guarantee that you actually have their support and loyalty where your business and true existence matters…

I mean, have you read my blog on Justin Beiber and his “Beliebers?”

I beg of you. I implore you.

If anything, it should humble you (and too, give you a newfound respect for Lorde).

I think I really like her, she’s quite the rare experience for such a young girl–especially in times like now + considering her massive success. How humbling. And I for one, can recognize a “mean person,” or person with a “bad attitude” or a “crazy person,” versus a person with the mere refusal to be knighted into egocentric games that in the end (when all is said and done); only trips you up  and trips you out-for playing into it…

So I say: let Lorde be experienced while she “…..lives that FANTASY” [of being royal].

I get it. I so totally get + respect it.

lorde  And I don’t know about you, but her wish is my command.

What say you?

Eye spied at Gossip Girl

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