MACKLEMORE: SOURCE MAGAZINE’s “Man of the Year” & 2014 GRAMMY’s “Best Rap Album” So What About DRAKE, KENDRICK, JAY Z, and KANYE?


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Now that Kanye’s on that six month rant sabbatical that we at Other Side of the Fame told you about, I think I can break this news to you (in case you didn’t know).

GH_Ohw9z  The Source (one of the rap industry’s most respect print mags and rap resources in the game) has named Macklemore their Man of the Year

images (15)     images (16)  (previous Source Magazine Man of the Year Awards have been granted to Rick Ross and 2 Chainz).

images (7)

  Macklemore  So as you can see, although Macklemore doesn’t fit the [typical? stereotypical? or type] that, at a glance, one would:

a)      assume is a rapper

b)      look at him (at a glance) and give him the benefit of the doubt that he could, or would be among some of the biggest heavy hitters in the game in 2013;

…if prestigious or coveted lists, magazines, and award shows would have it, the “Thrift-Shop,” “Can’t Hold Us,” “Same Love” rapper is indeed holding his own and hanging right in there with the best of ‘em and as well, [as proof or validation?], has seven Grammy nominations to back it up.

Macklemore is very aware of the fact that he is on territory that although not uncharted, is very territorial.

images (12)      images (10)    download (5)    images (14)  download (6)images (5)

Let’s not belabor the obvious:

images (1)  He’s white. And although his raps tell stories nonetheless, in comparison to the [typical? stereotypical? or the “usual type” of rapper at a glance], Macklemore looks like pork chop in that lion’s den. But as Source Magazine have it…I mean, has it…he made it out unscathed and such that he deserves to be named their coveted Man of the Year Award. In the magazine (on newsstands now), according to our sources, Macklemore lays out his hip-hop credentials, discusses the Grammy’s, the role race is playing in his pop success, and yes, the man who warned publicly: 

download (3) “It aint safe in this zoo,” that Grammy guard dog of Grammy disgust, disdain who by contrast, won (and accepted) GrammysKanye over 15 Grammy’s: non other than Mr. Kanye West.


images (13)  According to our sources (in the interview in the magazine) Macklemore discusses “worrying over Kanye’s opinion,” [about his being named Source’s Man of the Year].

images (6) Within the seven Grammy nods, Macklemore is nominated for BEST RAP ALBUM which he modestly feels Kendrick Lamar should win-and has expressed that he honestly fears the hip-hop community is not going to be very happy if he wins the category over Lamar for his record: “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City.”

download  Macklemore and his producer: Ryan Lewis are up for the coveted award for their album (pun unintentionally) called: “The Heist.”

download  Macklemore tells Source Mag: “We’re up against Kendrick, who made a phenomenal album. If we win a Grammy for Best Rap Album, hip-hop is going to be heated (angry). In terms of that category, I think it should go to Kendrick. He’s family. TDE (Record label Top Dawg Entertainment) is family, and I understand why hip-hop would feel like Kendrick got robbed if he didn’t win.”

images (1)  Additiionally, Macklemore will face off against some other heavy hitters in the lion’s den:

images (8) Drake: (“Nothing Was the Same”)

download (1)  Jayz Z: (“Magna Carta Holy Grail”)

(and I’ll repeat): download (2)Kanye West: “Yeezus” ………………….(in the “Best Rap Album” category).

F.Y.I the winners will be revealed during January 26th’s ceremony in Los Angeles and I don’t have to belabor the obvious about this one thing and as the late Tupac sang it; if I should speak for Macklemore, all I have to sing is this:

 images (3) “All Eyes on Me.”

 images (17) Pat’ner!

images (18)   …………………………………(Uh…That line there is Tupac in the movie “Juice”),

download but as it pertains to all this, after January 26, 2014….we shall see who’s got just that: The Juice.

 images (2)      images (9)  images (2) unnamed

Eye Spied an MSN Music News/WENN / Associated Press


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