Did BEYONCE Shade KELLY ROWLAND Circa……………………….Yesterday?

Could be.

Could be not.

I don’t know if we’re all reading too far into this, but as many of you may well know, yesterday was the late singer Aaliyah’s birthday and every year on her D.O.D and as well: her D.O.B, is celebrated in remembrance of pics, (the letter from Drake), Drakliyah memes, and most notably: Celebrity photos of fun times that celebs had spent with at different times.

beyonce-shade-kelly-rowland-600x450  Well, as you may well know, some recent shade made its way around the Internet which showed footage of Beyonce shading Kelly (click here to read Other Side of the Fame’s write up on it).

At any rate, unfortunately, sometimes a small wrangle can get blown out of proportion when it hits the eyes and ears of others and especially: Social media.

Well, I’m just the messenger…and a writer who blogs so I never knew how the footage surfaced or who dug it up and leaked it, but I sure as hell blogged and gave you the G’s on it. 

The footage was the subject of many a gossips blogs and all but we never knew what, if anything Kelly had to say about it (to Beyonce). However, it reaching millions and the obvious shade Beyonce threw in the footage most probably opened up old wounds [with scar tissue beneath perhaps?]

beyonce-instagram-  Because yesterday when Beyonce posted her pic with Aaliyah–it had Kelly cropped out.







0117-beyonce-kelly-instagram-pic-3 ……………………………But Kelly’s post (of the same pic) indeed had Kelly [herself] pictured on the right.








beyonce Well. We can’t say it’s because Beyonce’s in the middle of promoting her most recent CD and Kelly’s going to exactly block her shine, but is it safe to say that Beyonce purposely blocked Kelly [in he name of shade]?

You be the judge.

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