Living By Default or Free Will v. Destiny | Intention v. Attention: How To Know When Your Purpose In Life Has Been Introduced To You


They say that there’s no more important an occasion in your life than:

  • the day you were born


  • the day you find out why

…meaning: as you evolve in this life, once you find out why you are here and what to do with that ‘why’-rebirth is yours.

Especially in today’s microscopic and magnified world (for the lack of a better word), one of the biggest “pressures” in life seems to be the quest for finding our purposes in this life, but contrary to popular belief, the irony is, once you have bumped into your purpose in life, there’s no uncertainty or struggle.

glitter-gold-starYour purpose in life will find you. Typically it will find you working (or playing: “hobbying” not “lobbying”-not necessarily you working for, or towards it-that part usually comes afterwards. Your purpose in life merely meets your natural preparedness and from there, the birth of the new “you” takes its form.

My observation is that there seems to be soooooooo much agony, angst, doubt, and insecurity about fitting into the space where we think we are destined to be. And that’s just it: destiny is NOT accompanied by doubt, insecurity, agony and angst; the mold has already been broken and awaiting you to fit into it.

Intention: the spontaneous or even methodical act of doing a thing from an intrinsic place (versus for extrinsic rewards) or, by destiny or design; being put in the company of places or persons for a thing that ultimately (and often times unexpectedly) ignites a fire or inspires you to do, or become a thing.

My belief is, (contrary to LITERAL popular belief) many of us feel that our “destiny” are things that we’ve chosen by popular interest and selection from the ATTENTION that it garners-rather than true INTENTION. And that is where the struggle, doubt, and angst comes in, because intention is the sister of INTUITION: we can’t fake it-it knows.

glitter-gold-starYou, be true to you about attention v. intention-because you cannot hide from your life, your own reality, intentions, or you.


Be it destiny or whatever, when we do something from intention (versus attention) the connection is



  • cryptic (stemming from for attention)


  • kismet (stemming from, with intention)


It either:

  • flows  (stemming from, with intention)

or is

  • filled with dykes in the flow (stemming from for attention)


That’s not to say that angst and agony aren’t apart of the process once our purpose in life is found because quite frankly, it idestiny free will purpose in lifes.  But with regard to angst or agony, the key to truly having found your purpose in life is

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