Living By Default or Free Will v. Destiny | Intention v. Attention: How To Know When Your Purpose In Life Has Been Introduced To You

that angst and agony comes from the mere fact of the hustle and bustle of LIFE (other obligations and demands on your time, and of your mind) being a threat and getting in the way of romancing and being left alone to hone in on [what we feel we are destined to do or be]. It’s NEVER insecurity or doubt. That comes from ‘people’-people (not life) being a threat to who, what, or where we feel we should be.

Let me explain:

When we are TRULY living our purpose in life, ‘people’ are never in our way-therefore, those kinds of (typical) doubts and insecurities [e.g.; “can I do this?,” “will I be better than he/she?” etc] are never in our way. The closest to that (typical) emotion is merely the agony of trying to establish and find your own ‘way.’

ANG_2015This is what I know is true: we can be passionate about something that is not our destiny. And just because we’ve found our destiny doesn’t necessarily mean we are supposed to be rich or famous from it. That’s the difference in FREE WILL, DESTINY, and living by DEFAULT.

glitter-gold-star Get over the notion that “destiny” is like Rocky on top of this mountain: The top, end, period. A dream that you are passionate about is the equivalent of destiny having found you: BOTH are still “purposes in life” as is free will. Contrary to popular belief, free will and [having lived doing/making a living by] default is a purpose in life, too-if your passion matches the duty of the dream. I know someone who, (by free will/just needing a job) worked at the Legal Aid Society. From there, moved on up to basic paralegal assisting. Went to school to be a paralegal and is passionate about it-not having walked in the employer’s door needing nothing but a job but now, (by default and free will) found his purpose in life. Hanging on to the notion that “destiny” is the ONLY dream will stifle you. Just because something’s not “destiny” doesn’t mean it’s a dream or passion nonetheless. DON’T STIFLE YOUR OWN PURPOSE IN LIFE PUTTING IT ALL ON ‘DESTINY.”

After having found your purpose in life, once you come to terms with that, you will be so confident, rested, assured, “unbothered” in your ABILITY to perform or handle your functions of your destiny. Your ONLY bother and angst and agony in life is how to make a living of it (and only if that is how far you wish to take it) as, some people’s destiny in life are things they do not wish to garner attention or money from. For some people, the reward in having found their destiny is having the ability to share it with others for nothing in return.rocky at the mountaintop

In this next article I chose, the writer explains (what I too, believe is true): Most people instinctively do not know their purpose in life.

The truth is: we don’t.

Like I explained earlier-we kinda “bump into it”—it finds us working or ‘hobbying.’

It’s like with many things: When we are looking for it, we can never find it. Then (often times) unplanned, it just pops up and viola! Found.

I wrote an entire book (First Things First: Discovering Your Karma Mission and Purpose in Life) about discovering purpose in life. Feel free to read the links in bold here, in this other article and as well before that, read (the following links in bold)’s  front matter of the book to better explain what I believe is useful in helping your determine your purpose in life [via the books’] Dedication,   Free Will, Destiny v Default,   The Blueprint and Calling. That front matter will answer some questions + satisfy some curiosities for you, I’m sure.

Well in this next article I chose, the writer explains he didn’t know what, or how he was going to do [whatever it was] he wanted to do but the only thing

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