Be Careful What You Ask For, You Just Might Get….Stuck With It: How KANYE’s Latest Interview Proves He Needs To Understand That Even The KARDASHIAN’s Have An Industry ‘Limit’

“I feel proud to be in a family that has, you know, so many people breaking ground for the generations to come. I just feel it’s like: ‘Woah.’ It’s like reality show; that’s so fucking new of an art form. To the point where, my wife and my family should’ve had plenty of Emmys by now. Reality shows are considered to be like rap was when the Mondrian wouldn’t let Run DMC and motherfcking Will Smith stay there because they were rappers or the idea of a reality star not being allowed into a fashion show or not being nominated for their show, even if it’s the longest running and the most popular and everybody I know watches it.”


Yep. You read it right.

And oops he did it again: said unimaginable, unthinkable things only thinkable by him (but understandably) about his “family” accomplishing the Kimpossible- therefore, should be rewarded with the never-been-done-able.

Miss Jay wha wha wha come on


Although the SHOWstudio interview that Kanye did was much longer [than the first few minutes he said all that] and it covered other things outside of the above-posted quote, it’s just that: the above-posted quote that stuck out and made you either forget the rest of the interview or not even care to listen any further.kanye west show interview

You see the thing with Kanye is, that as serious as he wants to be taken in certain areas about certain issues, he turns around and says or does the most ludicrous things that makes you discount and disregard those moments he wants to be taken seriously—and then he’s a mere joke or meme or the stage moment every
body awaits something outlandish to happen or some speech of shock value to be given.

You know, it’s two strange dichotomies going on in this world right now: the magnification of everything we are doing and saying in public (slash) worldwide social settings.

And with words like “like”, “dislike,” “follow,” “unfollow,” “friend,” unfriend, retweet, favorite etc., it’s playing on people’s conscious and they are consciously doing, (endorsing) and saying what’s necessary to be liked or reciprocally rewarded, but the other side of the dichotomy (and the bigger scheme of things) about that is: what happens when you need to be RESPECTED and your opinion, or words, or endorsement needs to hold VALUE? When that time comes around, people (to whom your important issue is concerned), go right back to that same conscious and remember the ‘fluff’ you endorsed, or connected your name to and they’ll devalue you on other important matters and devalue your seal of approval this time around because [even if they fluffed with you], they remember that like you, they had something to gain from the fluff majority that they publicly approved.

That unspoken secret about how we are…and socialize…and judge outside and behind the pixels of what we do for the worldwide web is something we don’t get a forewarning or warning about, that is—until we need to be taken seriously.

The reality is, people really judge your value by what you judge, not exactly by what you say or try to convince them about you. When people value you (in the REAL world outside of the matrix) they look to see what you held value TO. And if they peek around that corner and see [that it may even have been the same fluff THEY did in front of the world], when you need them to value your words, opinion or thoughts, they’ll play YOU like fluff, too.Kanye-West-Rant_taylor

That said, (considering his music award show antics and outbursts) while Kanye feels that in music (and in his words), “TRUE ARTISTRY” is being disrespected by awarding [what’s not?] “true artistry,” how in the hell can he feel that just because the Kardashian brand and name has ‘successfully’ grown from a sex tape to clothing brands a “popular” reality show, a sprouting social media following, and entrances to the fashion world and its magazines (uninvited-that he fought, kicked and screamed to make possible) that somehow, they’ve crossed boundaries that should grant them the SAME prestigious awards HE feels should be awarded to the Beyonces’-be awarded to the Kardashians.


Now granted, he has a point-reality shows do get awarded prestigious Emmy’s and such, but that VERY same unthinking Kanye claims he can’t understand, and why the “educated” can’t comprehend is that same thing I can’t comprehend what it is he’s not understanding.

It’s clear that while every Kardashian is adorned with the fluff and façade of the pixels of social media, despite their growing material and business brands, the fact of the matter (and strange irony) for every and all the millions of followers and bits of attention they garner: they are NOT and NEVER WILL be taken THAT (Emmy) kinda industry-serious.

KardashiansTHAT’S the reality of it all behind their “success.”

Every cover that the Kardashian Klan can sell makes them worth blogging about which in turn, feeds into their dynasty BUT their “success” and levels are only exclusive that, and those same rounds in full circle of this thing-redundantly so.

The harsh reality of their reality is that KANYE is going to have to accept that they are NEVER crossing the threshold past that extent of their success, so the best they CAN do is keep ringing that sh/t around the throes of social media and ride it ‘til the wheels fall off.

Those kinds of numbers (following them) come with the harsh reality (that no one doing business with them will EVER admit to their faces): the Kardashians ARE the “first family” [in that they are the “first family” to give hope to the “those that can’ts” of the world]—those that can’t do anything bigger than do the things they do for the attention they garner. They did that bigger than anybody-first, as a unit and a clan. (I say that in literary, literal truth, not to be hurtful so re read what I said to understand that).

To understand fully what I mean by that, you have to understand that an INDUSTRY (versus an organization) is like comparing a literal circus to a corporate boardroom.

An industry is not organized such that it won’t let anybody IN. Every body, any animal, dog, cat, fish, horse, or three-headed man is welcome.

An organization is such a thing (that it WON’T LET JUST “ANYBODY” IN). You have to be an invited member.

So while an industry has an open, revolving-door policy in that any person willing to open their lives, doors, talents, circus act, sex tapes, juggling acts, acting skills, dancing skills, sculpting, sketching and art abilities, and annnnnnnnnny other thing they wish to promote, the flip side of that is while you may be afforded the platform to showcase all of that, and you may even have garnered the attention of a gazillion followers it’s a double-edge sword: Areas withIN an industry are sorta like an organization–by which you have to be invited (or showcase real talent for)…the old-fashioned way, still.

One day, Kanye’s going to have to accept that his family is accepted as “entertainment” not talent in entertainment and not even to the extent of their reality show.Kimand Kanye Vogue cover

IKardashian Cosmopolitan cover first familyf they will accept the label of being referred to as “The First Family” (as Cosmopolitan gave them), then too, accept the REALITY of what you are being “first” AS, and be okay with that.


It goes back to that same spiel I give about “firsts” : how you came in, is how you’re going out (and in their case-how they win/are winning).


As far as business is concerned, there’s nothing particularly wrong with what they did or how they do it. Thanks to social media they’ve managed to do that successfully in ways that (collectively, as a family) no one else has.

That said, yes, the Kardashians are the “First Family”-first family to build a brand doing things for attention which in turn-garnered the SAME attention that the fashion world, magazine world and industry beyond will use them FOR…NOT necessarily to let them IN-to use them for the limits that they are USEFUL FOR, BRANDED BY and PARADE AROUND: ATTENTION (in return).

When the Emmy’s need ratings, they’ll nominate the Kardashians. Until then, they’re just not invited and about that life.

Can’t have it all.

That’s a lesson to all: Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it…and be stuck with just THAT (no matter HOW rich or famous you get).

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