LINDSAY LOHAN Caught Off-Guard On Camera

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 Troubled actress making a comeback and proving herself responsible and able-to-be-worked-with-able: Lindsay Lohan, is currently filming a reality show on the OWN Network. The show, cameras follow the life and times of the actress whose goal in this process is the [court-ordered] commitment to stay away from drugs and alcohol. The purpose of the effort is to get her focused on her self, and centering her self in an effort to make lasting changes in her life beyond the show-in hopes that the process will repair her professional reputation and get her back on the path on the success that she once had.

0 Well things went a little awry and Lohan was caught off-guard when, what she thought was a personal friendship that she and her life coach: AJ Johnson, proved limited when AJ confronted her on camera about hearing that she was drinking again (and told so by Lindsay’s mom: Dina).

135010-original Needless to say, Lindsay was not very happy about being asked about it on camera (by AJ) but admitted that she relapsed-and as usual, had a reason to match: “I rushed into a relationship … and I jumped right into a relationship where we weren’t on the same page. I wasn’t considering the fact that the person I was seeing does drink and yeah … I had some wine… Yeah, f— it, I screwed up and that’s OK.”

134982-original  Lohan, who stated she felt so much guilt for slipping, stated that she drank to ease the stress of the troubled relationship she is having [with the unnamed] boyfriend and vowed to never let a setback happen again.

135368-original  It was noted however, that after the incident [in which she was confronted on camera by AJ] Lindsay went away for several days and asked not to be followed by cameras. Her life coach (and friend) AJ was not invited to tag along while Lindsay stepped away for the short period of time.


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