AL SHARPTON Bright Lights, Big City: FBI Drops Files on Crimes + Hired Help Who Dropped Dimes

al_closeup  When it comes to activism and fighting for Civil Rights, one would never think of consulting and having anyone stand at the front line with them without the Reverend Al Sharpton, 59, and the like.

When I first read about this story in the wee hours of the April 8 morning, I pressed pause on writing about it until I heard his side-because I was more than sure the last thing he was going to do was hide.

And just to let all hood-boogers know: he wanted make it clear that although he might fight your fight, feel your plight, and have your back; he-don’t follow yo’ code of the skreets got that?

Police Headquarters NY  Reverend Al Sharpton wanted to let you all know that whether or not he’s fighting racial profiling, police brutality, or [in this cases case, and I quote]: “mobsters exploiting black artists,” he asserts: “ don’t get me twisted!”

Sharpton was the talk of the Internet was it reported that he was a paid FBI Mafia informant the aided officials in taking down New York City wise guys and mobsters (with whom Sharpton was an associate with significant ties).

Joe, Reverend Al Sharpton and Chris Rock  I know. I know. Sounds like a fable turned movie but it’s real.

According to reports of the FBI affidavits, in the 1980’s, Sharpton (given informant code [unknown] as “CI-7” (Confidential Informant #7) was instrumental in helping authorities take down the Genovese crime family (social clubs, which included Gigante’s Greenwich Village headquarters, 3 autos used by the family and more than a dozen different phone lines used by the family as well.

It was reported that he secretly taped conversations that helped in the takedown of some of New York’s most powerful Mafia members (the recordings were used in court and deemed valuable and “accurate”).


Reverend Al Sharpton,  He was considered an intriguing source because of his plethora of contacts in politics, the music industry, and Don King (whom he recorded as well).

download (3) King was a part of the investigation by the Brooklyn U.S Attorneys Office in late 1987. Sharpton was in cooperation with the investigators who “ran him (Sharpton) for a couple months.” During those couple months, Sharpton “did some recordings” by way of his handy-dandy new home telephone. The Department of Justice’s operation of King was overshadowed in the wake of a New York Newsday story on the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Al Sharpton The authorities believed in his credibility as (quote) “a reliable, productive, and accurate source of information about the underworld figures” (unquote). Both the New York City Police Department and the FBI made mention Sharpton’s sharpness-stating how (equipped with his customized Hartman briefcase and recorder inside) he “deftly extracted” information from the crime bosses; recording a wide range of mafia business about everything from shylocking, extortions and death threats.

Initially investigators referred to Sharpton as an “informant in development” before being initiated into a C-I (full-time).

According to a November 1984 affidavit, Sharpton was reported to have been providing information to the bureau for more than a year.

download (1)      images (2) Michael Jackson THIS IS IT screening and Jackson Family Star Dedication at The Palms Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 27, 2009  While [being turned into] a fully operational informant for the federal government, Sharpton was also secretly recording Joseph Buonanna (a.k.a “Joe Bana”: a Gambino family member) while politicking for a role in The Jackson’s “Victory” tour (which ran from July 1984 through December 1984 (and promoted by Don King).

download (2) Despite it being reported that Michael donated his share of the tours earnings to several charities (as he promised-in advance-in order to make up for the controversial ticket lottery system that he opposed (that to, was eventually eliminated).

images Al Sharpton felt that Michael Jackson and his brothers weren’t (quote) “giving back to the community that supported them since their days on the black chitlin circuit,” and as a result, he finagled his way into securing a $500,000 budget to cover distribution of the tickets to poor communities during the tour. Although he denies it, Sharpton and his “Pride Patrol” enlistees were accused of extortion.

images (1) Needless to say, as history would have it, what was slated to be a lucrative tour, wound up being a financial disaster, and it was this very tour that drew a wedge between Michael and his brothers-with lasting effects on them as a unit, group and family which in turn, alienated Michael from them going forward [ending The Jacksons as a group]. For the record, not only did the Jackson disband and lose, the tour was also a financial disaster from promoter Chuck and Billy Sullivan (his father). They were forced to sell the New England Patriots and as well: the entire football stadium + the team’s home field as a result of the losses they incurred over this “Victory” tour (which, as it turned out: was victorious for no one…well…perhaps Sharpton).

26609bf2ae870fca7d8283fdce20c026 MV5BNDQxNzU5MDYxNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMjgyNTA2._V1_SY317_CR2,0,214,317_ Fast-forward-things were looking up for Sharpton later into the years: he was sporting a more svelte physique and had lost a few pounds, lost the al_earlierdays snatch-back and (although still kept the perm) opted for a more modern look and slick-back.

download (4)  In 2011 via MSNBC, along with his partner James Rosemond (a.k.a. in the music industry as Jimmy Henchman-currently serving time in prison on his very own drug trafficking offenses having nothing to do with Sharpton) traveled to Los Angles to pitch a show idea in which Sharpton would be starring as a kind of Judge-Judy/Joe Brown type of role-presiding over situations brought forth. Although the trip (and other expenses related to the pitch/proposal) was covered by Henchman, Hollywood did not buy what the two were trying to sell, and the deal went belly up.


That’s just it: It’s “Sensationalistic, Attention-Starved, Publicity Hungry and Fifteen Minutes of Fame thirsty 2014.” And that’s not an exclusive Instagram and social media club my dearests. Even your relatives, judges, or any entity, person, or company can (and will) drop a dime on you-anybody or anything-because (although this news would have been just as valuable if told years ago after the takedown) what wasn’t “news-worthy” back then, is certainly news-worthy now. Many news outlets will take any two-headed story or freakshow today (despite their snitch’s 15 minutes of fame lasting no where past a 3 day window)-but obviously, a story like such has twice the value [today].

At any rate.


images (3)   The leak was made way courtesy of non-other than the Freedom of Information Act which allows the American public access to any “confidential” information [released by the FBI].

images (4)  The Smoking Gun (the site a step above the immature frivolousness of TMZ who magically gets all the most embarrassing and private court documents on your favorite celebs dating back some years now) was the first to receive the information, and documents (April 7), and from there, did the do: Reported it for the public’s inquiring minds.

According to them, Sharpton was well-aware of the FBI’s investigative interest in the Genovese Family and (despite it all being documented and his involvement in being instrumental and fully vested in helping the government detain, arrest, and get rid of the Genovese family). In preparation and combat [to what I’m sure he knew at some point in this lifetime would be leaked to the public] Sharpton denies ever having worked as an informant and in his most recent book called “Rejected Stone,” where he makes reference to being (quote): “set up by the government who leaked false information that could have gotten me killed” (unquote).

images (5)  The Smoking Gun asserts it was given a rewritten draft which meticulously shrouded Al Sharpton’s involvement about the discovery period of when the Genovese crime family went to trial and the final version was submitted to two federal judges and omitted the disclosure that “CI-7” (a.k.a Sharpton) had consensually recorded conversations “with a gangster.” That “gangster” ’s name was also deleted from the final document along with all references to the Gambino or Genevese family altogether.

CHAMBLOGBoneandChamOutside  Whether the attempted cleanup is legit, true, or will matter (or not), obviously, news as such certainly raises many-a-brow in certain subcultures of the African American and hip-hop communities where (by tradition and street code) it is frowned upon to be a snitch in any way, shape, or form (even on other races or organizations having nothing to do with the subculture). The code of the streets with snitching (especially of like kind) or even other/opposite, is like that fine line of the laws between church and state: It’s a catch 22 (no pun intended-at all).

ex-qn-mark  But you can say what you want to say, and despite what may become of Sharpton and this ordeal—philosophically, morally, and righteously, you can’t argue his stance when he states (on this upcoming video) that whether or not he is fighting racial profiling, police brutality (or mobsters exploiting black artists); he [stated] that he did what was right and in accordance to the values of a praying mother and when he, himself, is telling kids about guns, crime, and cooperating with law enforcement.

church claps


That being said, get a load of his analogy and philosophy that too, makes sense (given and despite all the details):


images (7)  For the record though…we’re going to go on and give Al Sharpton the benefit of the doubt about knowing Jimmy Henchman was merely an upstanding business man (and not a drug dealer).

turns head to the left

turns head to the right

…Looks like a businessman to me O_o

At any rate, with all the information you now have, you, God, and/or the streets can be the judge in the court of public opinion that you have the option to hold him in contempt and scorn, or understanding. Either way, the choice is yours:

Al Sharpton  This morning, via his Twitter account, he was scheduled to revisit his old television stomping ground: MSNBC


images (6)  AND WELL…JUST LIKE I STATED A FEW PARAGRAPHS UP (about publicity in 2014): Nothing like that like stating your business or good ole plugging of your project at any time, despite all and everything:


…and I guess I should too huh?

Here’s my hood-booger version with my mic in my hand:

Well I’m Angela Sherice signing off and sayin’ like we do in these skreets: ‘I DOES this!’ I’m a em’effin’ “journalist” and real writer  (not filtering you a link to a story) but telling it to you (in the form of a blog). The there ↑  is REAL writing… and journalism…(all wrapped up into the form of a “blog” )…And if you’re blessed to be able to put your eyes on ↑…it’s the best version of the story you’ gone’ GET. Period. So don’t hate-circulate. Like always (and fail-safe), if you don’t, that old grass-roots surefire way will do: your mouth-[word of] Thank you 😉 “


All snides and jokes aside (about this serious matter), join Other Side of the Fame in wishing Mr. Al Sharpton well going forward, sincerely.

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