O, Can You Spare a Couple More 0’s? OPRAH Drops a Dime on How Much She’s Typically Asked For on a Small Loan

  TMZ cameras did their usual ambush impromptus and caught up with talk show queen Oprah Winfrey in Georgetown this past Sunday and did what only they are notoriously known for: asking half-co(ked, evasive, off the wall questions of celebrities on route to wherever they are going and reporting it.

The 60 year-old self made billionaire, who earned a mere $77 million dollars in 2013, was asked how much she is typically asked for when people ask to borrow money from her. Believe it or not, she responded: “This is what I find, people ask for money depending on what they think you have. So when I was making $22,000 a year, people always need $50. Then when I moved to like $50,000, everybody also needed $500. Now nobody needs anything less than $50,000.”

article-2598757-1CDF60AA00000578-899_634x1084  Winfrey is widely known for a lot of charity work, organizations, giveaways, and fleet surprises 🙂 and over the years, in total, she has spent more than $100 million dollars on the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy: a school for girls in South Africa.
article-2598757-1CB4977000000578-339_634x547  It was just recently announced that she will be traveling around the world empowering all on her national empowerment tour (called: “”Oprah’s The Life You Want”) in which she will be gracing eight cities with her presence this fall.


What’s the cost of tickets?

Starting price is $99 and maximum price is $999 which includes the chance to meet Oprah herself during the experience.


Source: DailyMail

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