Light Years Over & Above Cloning Animals & People, And Ions Past Technology Changing Consciousness And People – Science Is Taking A Crack Consciousness – Why This Is Cool AND Not Cool

Pardon my geeky, metaphysics-loving, emotion and love-hate for science but, this is soooooooooooo interesting.

I would be on board closely voyeuring these ‘steps’ to try and crack this.


Because science’s ‘fight’ with ‘spirituality’ and ‘intuitive sciences’ and theories is an ongoing debate-one in which science tosses [it] all out to being ‘psuedo’ at best.

This would be interesting because (sort of like I talk about in this podcast–the difference between the brain and the mind) as the brain is the organ connected to + that which controls the body; our mind is to be controlled by us-our consciousness. Our being conscious and aware of our conscience is something me MUST do.  Our being conscious and aware of our conscience we must take + be in control of all day, everyday. Because if we don’t control our MIND [not our brain-because we can’t control our brain] our mind will control us (if we don’t control it).

The fact that science is out to crack the mystery of consciousness would be science’s cherry on the top its already shameless arrogance. It’d be sort of like calling ‘checkmate’ on the debate as to whether man made ‘God’ or God made man. Certainly, science’s answer would be: man made man and made up ‘God’ (for sure).

If you’re not paying attention, everything around us pretty much-science is trying to grab hold of and eliminate  or prove that man made up God and that these beautiful heavens and [this] fascinating earth and these unexplainable big, beautiful bodies of water all across land and seas are products of nature science simply taking place.

With science seeking to have proof and its footprint and marks made throughout planets outside of earth-all the while succeeding in controlling the climate (and seasons), with torch in hand; it feels it moves closer to the inarguable RIGHT to say that it was man who actually made up ‘God.’

Daily, science is on a quest to prove that it is ‘science’ that can tap in to all that we spiritualists chose to leave alone as mysteries created by omnipotence-an entity much greater than man and mans capacity and ability to be able to do.

So, as science gon’ ‘science’ out here in these seasonal ‘skreets’ and at land, sea, and heavens (not to mention-cloning animals and people and creating self driving cars and robots to be people-like). They are now seeking to take a crack at science [being able to] control consciousness!

As a science lover and ‘intuitive’ science lover, that, to me,  is both arrogant AF (as fck) but too, makes me wonder just how science would delve into tapping into consciousness—something that can’t be seen (like the brain can) or like the science of the emotional response of the mind via something like a lie detector/polygraph test.

We can’t really ‘SEE’ consciousness, so just HOW science is going to take a crack at that could be…pretty interesting.

I’ll wait-with baited breath because it’s like this: 

If science can crack into that, that is a step wayyyyyyyy beyond cloning people and animals, that means they can (too) clone minds/consciousness, which means that we could soon be interacting with cloned people who too, may be science zombies-and (we not even know it).



Consciousness, conceptual image

Like I mention here in the 5th article-something which I will touch on in an upcoming podcast, let me tell it, for the people who are running away with it and think they are ‘woke’ and not, and aren’t aware, technology and the social systems we subscribe to today have split our minds (and consciousness) into merely being replicas who we once were before it just landed in our laps lives (hearts and minds)-all the while (we are) trying to function in life with this science/technology having changed life as we knew it—WITHOUT warning.

That said, if science is even going behind technology doing that (to the unaware/un ‘woke’ of the world), not only is cracking the code of consciousness light years beyond
mere cloning animals and people and technology changing people; it is tapping into controlling the thoughts of people well beyond even what TECHNOLOGY and our social systems is doing!

To even consider that, is wayyyyyyyy big and something to watch out for I tell ya…

Anywho. Check out the article “Can Science Crack Consciousness?” (3) over at our sister site:



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