LEONARDO DiCAPRIO: What He Wants in a Woman


132113-original  From the female objectification files, let’s go on and get this out the way, shall we?

131938-original We’ve already heard the rumors 132147-original (1)  about Leo DiCaprio’s “Titanic…” (*wink *wink), so as a woman, when we hear that, we assume a few things (when he dates a lot, yet, ironically…is single just about as much).

(Fellas, don’t ever say I didn’t put you up on nothing).

download (67)  Well according to an interview he had this morning with Gayle King on CBS this morning, we can go on and conclude one of the things we tend to think (in a case like Leo’s).

130151-original The “Wolf of Wall Street” star revealed (after being probed by Gayle who stated she would like to see the 39 year-old settle down and that she was even willing to help him find that special someone), he stated he was looking for a woman who possessed “humility, a sense of humor, and not a lot of drama.”

He added that if [marriage] was going to happen, he was going to let it happen “naturally.”

“I’m all right. I’m good for now,” he joked.


leon-pic-new_1739953a  If one should read between the lines, then it’s probably safe to assume that of all the “beautiful” supermodels in his repertoire-which includes the likes of:

130473-original  Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli, Erin Heatherton (and currently rumored to dating Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal)

…then the handsome lad has obviously been missing something all along:

-a little humility

-a “no drama” queen

-a girl with a sense of humor

130531-original …Ladies, switch your “pretty” with a little modesty, and instead of “turning up”-turn down a few notches 129781-original (then, read our write up on what else Leo is doing these days. I promise you it would be a good………conversation……………..piece.

*hands up*

Hey look. I’m just the messenger. LoL.

But listen: (among other things)…he may be notorious for dating supermodels, but sounds like the big guy is-too, looking for a little bit of substance (just a little bit, yo).


You’re welcome.

Source: Wonderwall

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