I Know This Much is True: SPANDAU BALLET Returns to U.S

…And so now I can put a face on that group who sings that song in my archives, iPod, and Pandora that too, opens my own Pandora’s Box, as it-be: strummin’ my pain with its fingers and singing my life with its words (word for word-start to finish).

British band Spandau Ballet are slated to perform in America at the 2014 South by Southwest Festival, in Austin Texas, which marks their first appearance in the states in since 1985.

download (69)  The popular 80’s group achieved national success but took a long hiatus in 1990 before the release of their comeback album and touring in the U.K in 2009.

As well, the group has taken part in a documentary about their band which will debut at the festival on March 2, where too, they are set to perform on the same day (in celebration of the film’s world premiere).

images,,  According to Billboard.com, the group is hopeful that the documentary will launch its U.S comeback, where plans to release a Greatest Hits album + embark on an American tour for the first time in years, would soon follow.

Guitarist Gary Kemp says: “We’re hoping for theatrical release, and we hope to be announcing a tour with the U.S. late this year or early in 2015. We want to do everything this time.”

If you are anything seasoned and cultured in pop + popular culture, then you know this much is true:

It’s and odd thing:

download (68)  The U.K /Brits are very much more receptive, open, and interested in American pop culture, music-and especially: gossip-than we are in them.

Even if you are an American artist, (doing bad over here), you’ll be surprised how well and expanded your fan base is in the U.K. But the U.S is a tougher nut to crack with the same respect.

An artist that’s flopping over here (in the U.S) will be doing very well over in the U.K.

When the U.S will not let you be great, Great Britain will most certainly will.

I never understood that.

At any rate.

Let’s wish them luck and: well-as, that one song (“True”) is one that tells mine and plenty of others’ stories then, and now—well.

h/t MSN/Music News

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