50 CENT Leaves His Record Label


50gettingact on Businessman and actor Curtis Jackson, affectionately and 50suitrespectfully known as rapper 50 Cent, has had an ongoing battle with his record label for quite a while now and today-decided to become an independent artist.

This label thing is so full-circle and weird, yo.

download (63)  This separation (leaving Universal Music Group’s: Interscope Records) also means that he is also parting ways with Eminem’s imprint: Shady/Aftermath.

download (59) Although an independent artist now, the Grammy award-winning rapper signed a distribution agreement with “Caroline.”

Caroline is the independent label at Capital Music Group.

Capital is one of many labels a part of Universal Music Group.

download (62) Well, however this thing worked in your mind after my having explained it, do know that 50 Cent is an independent artist as of today: February 20, 2014.

50 In 2003, 50 cent stepped onto the music scene with talented and well-respected rapper Eminem as his mentor and was mostly produced download (61) [and mechanized]  download (60) by Dr. Dre (as was Eminem/Slim Shady).

download (65)  The three, in some variation or another (for a very long time) put the   clamp down in rap-between Em and 50 rapping and beats backed by non-other than the distinct production of Dr. Dre.

 50 kicked the doors down with his debut CD  grodt“Get Rich or Die Tryin,” which sold a whopping 6 million copies, followed by his 2005 CD download (66)“The Massacre”-which too, was successful however, his albums since then didn’t match the previous successes as his first two [CD’s]. It is well known that 50 hasn’t been very happy with his label and this day was something he was waiting on.

download (64) No word on what, if anything, Eminem (or Dre) has to say about these changes. We’ve heard of no beef or riffs, so let’s just assume all is well and 50 merely wanted his friend (slash) homie’s bosses out of his way so he can be his own boss-which inadvertently, forced him to leave his friend (slash) mentor’s imprint, perhaps. 

gunit 50 Cent did however, thank Eminem and Dr. Dre in a statement.

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