Bid Farewell to Turkey-Basting Sex & Summons the Congrats: “Life with LaToya” Reality Star LATOYA JACKSON, Gets Sifted.

cute*in my Color Purple (Oprah as Sofia) voice* : “I’s MARRIED NOW!”

My ex sissy-in-law, LaToya Jackson, 57, got hitched yall! (LoL. That’s an outside joke). 

But really.

latoya_and_jeffre The lawfully wedded bride married her friend and business partner: Jeffre Phillips in Los Angeles on December 6, 2013 and according to our sources, in attendance to witness union was her mom, Katherine Jackson, and Prince Jackson (Michael’s oldest son).

Phillips and Jackson have things in common. 

They met in 1999 when they both worked on the movie called “Shriek If You Know What I Screamed Last Friday the Thirteenth” (never heard of it but the title alone got lost in the cutting room floors of the crevices of my mind somewhere while trying to type it out-so I can only imagine what happened to the actual movie). But in addition to that reel connection, both are real former recording artists and performers turned business partners (slash) record label execs that co-founded an entertainment firm called Ja-tail Enterprises.

Ja-tail is a management, marketing, and publishing company whose roster includes (you’ll never guess) former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star: Danielle Staub amongst others [that we didn’t have the time to research and list].

latoya_apprenticePhillips proposed earlier this year to the NBC Show Apprentice star, while on her very own reality show: “Life With LaToya” which airs on Oprah’s OWN Network (on cable television’s bougie package). She’s a very charming, great and “normal” girl…

The show gives us a peek into the life and singular personality of the (LaToya) Jackson personality that we never got much of a chance to know as, Michael and Janet’s stardom didn’t seem to allow us into the lives of the “Heart Don’t Lie,” singer latoyaheartdontlie video_vh1toya_MIKESYELLOWwho too, let us in on more about her separate from Michael and Janet rebbie_latoya_janmike_latoyawhen she did the notorious Playboy spread with the Boa Constrictor. La+Toya+Jackson+boalatoya mag

This is (LaToya) Jackson’s second wrap around wedded bliss and we are hoping that [now with “Turkey Basting Sex” with her scheming and abusivelatoya abusejackgordon_latoya former manager and beau Jack Gordon] in her rearview; this second time around with her new beau (Phillips) is better than the first time (as sang by her “Heart Don’t Lie” duet partner: Howard Hewett).

Good luck LaToya! 

{Eye Spied at Wonderwall via Marisa Laudadio}

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