PARIS HILTON Blasted and Lambasted For NELSON MANDELA Faux Pas On Social Media

Well I’m glad we here at OSF were busy, but still, hung back to await the deets on whether or not “The Simple Life” reality star: Paris Hilton’s lambasting was warranted or no.

ParisHilton Just as the “#LifeofAJetSetter” Socialite lands in Miami and Instagram’s: “Just landed! I’m in Miami b!tch!”, she must’ve gotten word that Nelson Mandela had passed.

Someone was right on Hilton’s tail though, because no sooner than the she got a chance to pay her Twispects to the fallen leader by stating: “Just landed and heard the sad new about Nelson Mandela. He was a true hero & the world is a better place because of him. May he rest in peace” (no, the missing ‘s’ after news is not my typo, I merely copied and pasted what she typed-verbatim)

…some prankster (pretending to be her) sent out a Tweet [we guess in an effort to try and make the blonde look really dumb] and posted the following:

“RIP Nelson Mandela. Your “I Have A Dream” speech was so inspiring. An amazing man ♡ “

(We don’t want to underestimate your intelligence, but allow me to interject that the “I Have A Dream” speech was that of another great dignitary named Martin Luther King)

At any rate.

Hilton didn’t take to kindly to that joke. And in more than “simple” fashion-in an ennobling gesture completely antithetical of a selfish, “simple,” Socialite; she replied:

Well Paris Hilton, keep OSF in your good graces because we didn’t run with it and we have proof that you are NOT ‘simple’ 🙂

…AND THEN THERE’S JAKE (THE SNAKE?) who too, secretly tried to call the blonde bombshell on that forgotten  ‘s’ (too?)

Ohhhhhhhhhhh that classic Twitter front-handed sarcasm under the guise of “defending” the “Simple Life” star…

She even retweeted him [as a] thanks:

I dunno.

…Regardless, this story does earn a spot in our “Oh Gah Faux Pas” files here at OSF.

But because it was a hoax, it will too, be categorized in the perspective category to which it belongs: “Popular Culture: Lifestyles, Social Media, Worldwide Popular Culture.”

#StayTuned to Other Side of the Fame (where…we’re simply not “#Lame”)

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