SAY HELLO TO MY LIKKLE FREN: Tony Montana “Scarface” Turns 30


126846-original       Alright all you big ole pimps, crime bosses, workers, right-hand-men, top guns, king pens, players, hustlers, wanna-be thugs, gangsters, real gangsters, gangsters on wax, industry gangsters, in the streets gangsters, and 24/7 low-level street corner thugs-line up, because it’s your daddies’ birthday.

frankandtony That’s right, your father, The Godfather of all yous’: Tony Montana/Scarface’s notorious movie “Scarface” turns 30. So whip out your kazoos, or Uzies to introduce us to your “Likkle Fren”-however you wish to celebrate, but your daddy’s home and growing strong. I’m just here to report it, but don’t kill messenger.

Having earned almost $40 million dollars at the box office since its 1983 release, the Brian DePalma film will forever go down in history as one of the most notorious gangster, drug dealing films that no matter how often imitated, can never be duplicated.

michellepfeiffer Although Al Pacino (the lead character: Scarface) was a screen star years before the 1983 release of “Scarface,” having starred in another gangster film called: “The Godfather;” (for which he was already nominated for four Oscar’s even before “Scarface”) Pacino’s “gangsta” was respected on another level so seemingly real when he starred as Tony Montana in the movie “Scarface” (co-starring Michelle Pfeiffer).

momandsis The term: “Household Name” surely had to have been invented after Tony Montana came to life on the big screen, because unlike any movie character in history; Tony Montana’s name is known by generations who probably were mere twinkles in their parent’s eyes when the movie was birthed-yet, they know him too. 

Although the bad-ass drug dealing gangster met his demise at end-movie, the premise and the entertainment throughout seemed to light up countless open and secret male fantasies of having that Tony Montana life that I refer to in another book that I am writing called: “The Tony Montana Syndrome”: (where first you get):

  • The Money
  • When you get the Money you get the Power
  • After you get the Power, you get the Girl

Although that order of things can indeed send you a ready-made honey with a powder habit being escorted down by built-in (home) glass spiral elevators; if you followed me for a couple years, you’ve probably heard me propose the same question (and answer) that I will propose to you now.

frankandsorcersguyDo you know why “Tony Montana” was so well-liked by all, despite the fact that he was a thug, bad guy, drug-dealer, and a killer?

Get on your pen and pad and take notes:

If you paid attention to the movie, even before he got the money, the power, and then the girl; he was still the same thug, bad-guy, and killer who had just as much mouth and guts broke, as he did when he got rich. banker Money didn’t change him, or “make” him; it just got him killed. 

There’s a message in that for anybody out here trying to get it (or already got it).

onthebeach Are you like Tony Montana or you out here “acting” like it (after the fact)?

Stay true to you.

dirtycopcopandfriend Tony Montana may be a “character,” but what made him attractive was that as bad, and bad-ass as his character was; he still had dignity and integrity in that he  was who he was—at ALL times [without and with] money. So whether you have money (or not), those things are always sexy, and will never grow old. They are timeless (just like the movie) and like the movie:  will NEVER go out of style.


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