RUSSELL SIMMONS’ “Rushcard” Customers Without Access To Their Money for Over 24 Hours Now


“Namaste” is looking more like: now must stay….put—for the millions of Rushcard members who are kicking rocks right about now awaiting light-footed yogi owner Russell Simmons’ financial venture’s systems to grant customers access to their money.

A prepaid Visa branded and advertised as an alternative to banking, reportedly, customers of Rushcard/Unirush financial received advance notices that on October 12 (during the eastern time midnight hours into the wee morning hours of the 13th), system maintenance would take its course. No one thought that would include taken their money.russell-simmons-rush-card

Obviously, by 8 a.m. October 13, customers expected to awake to having access to their direct deposits from various funding sources by which the Rushcard accepts but into the morning (a whole 24 hours later through right now as you read this) customers are crawling up and down Russell Simmon’s Twitter account (@UncleRush) and as well, the company’s Twitter account (@Rushcard) where many are complaining of being hung up on and having waited hours time to get through while others are not able to get a human being or automated information over the phone at all.

Although Russell Simmons and Rushcard have posted a literal few updates over the past 24 hours, this serves as no comfort to its customers who are complaining of everything from now being late on paying bills to mothers who can’t food, pampers and formula for their babies.

Company updates laden with rhetoric like:

  • “we know many of your are trying to access your accounts and are suffering”
  • “we will not got to sleep until every customer’s issues are fixed”

…is serving no comfort to angry customers who too, are assuring Russell Simmons they will not take this chance ever again-and will be looking into other banking options.


Despite Russell Simmons pressing pause on his usual light-footed 140-character Twitter rhetoric go and flow during this technical Armageddon, but adding insult to injury; Rushcard certainly didn’t go without advertising and marketing jargon e.g:

  • “In an effort to create new services for our customers”
  • “We have been transitioning to a new technology”
  • “our technology”
  • “We know many of you rely heavily on our product to live your lives everyday

…all things considered, statements like such served no comfort (or benefit) to the customers coming up on 24 hours of still waiting to gain access to their monies.


Although an update posted 24 hours ago claimed that some of the customer account issues were fixed and via Money Pass ATM’s, they could retrieve their monies while the remaining would still have to wait, according to the Twitter posts, customers are still upset.

baby phat rush card


So whether or not that ATM accessibility statement was thrown out there to calm and carefully placed remains to be seen and Tweeted [because it could not be proven or disproven–considering the fact Rushcard played it safe in stating many customers still would not have access to their monies]. The fact of the matter is: No one has claimed to have gotten access to their monies from ATM or otherwise as yet so pleased be advised, and if you were one of the lucky ones—take some time to Tweet that you got access to your monies so other customers will know because despite Russell Simmons’ claiming up and “operational”…the people still do not have access to their monies (despite the site being “up and presentable”). There’s a difference in semantics here…


So until then (it’s “up and running”), it’s strictly: B/itch better have my money Glitch better have my money all up in yogi Russell Simmons’ atmosphere right about now who (from the way things are going), had better do like the name says and put a “RUSH” on it.

black diamon rush card


The 64 million dollar question for the billionaire is: How is he going to make this up to his millions of customers “rely heavily” on his product?

Granted, glitches happen and things go awry, but Russell Simmons has enough money that he should have backed up his money systems (or at worst: paid top dollar) to do whatever it took to have his “new technology” done such that if he had to transfer/merger accounts region by region, he should have taken the time and paid the monies to do it-even if it took a month (rather than this overnight un-success).

The people that patronize his “product” typically are not the kinds of folk HE patronizes and hangs out with so he probably didn’t care about the “what ifs” that cost him any more money than he paid into his “new technology.”


Granted, he didn’t intentionally do this but shame on Russell Simmons because if this was an exclusive membership for his well-to-do friends only, I’m sure he would have put every dime into making sure their millions were protected during such a transition.

No banking systems leaves their customers without monies for over 24 hours 3 days and Russell Simmons has ENOUGH monies to even have consulted with top banking tech gurus to make his his transition would go without incident.

You can best believe if this “product” was for his rich buddies, he would showed the fck out (and showed up in the even of a mishap).

Members immediately set up a petition 





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