KYLIE JENNER: “i’s A Model Too”…Instagram, That Is.


Meanwhile back over at (the not) keeping up with the Kardashians.

While Kris Jenner, Kanye, North, and Kim Kardashian are painting the city of Paris’ Fashion Week-red, and her sister Kendall over there burning up the catwalk of real models-modeling for Paris fashion week, well there’s still always Instagram modeling [we guess Kylie Jenner says].
10643824_923117234382227_968100226_nThe left behind Kardashian (we assume) got bored and wanted to put some sunshine in her day then got the notion to assy anty-up being left behind by…showing us all, her behind.

The 17 year-old posted a bikini photo of herself hugging a large pillar with caption that read:

“you were my sun.”

Welp. I guess all her haters [or whomever was her “sun”] can kiss…(as the saying goes) “where don’t sun don’t shine.”

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