{OnDa Cover & In Between} NICK JONAS Flexing, Crotch-Grabbing & Flaunting in FLAUNT Magazine Spread


While the “hackers” may have gotten a hold of (and leaked) female celebs’ nudies like that of sexy Jill Scott, Vanessa Hudgens, Amber Heard, Megan GoodRihanna, Jennifer Lawrence Gabrielle Union (and thanks to her United Nations speech): threats of leaking Emma Watson’s; they haven’t quite made it around to the men yet but Nick Jonas aint waitin’ his turn.

download-3Gone are the days of the boy from the boy band Nick Jonas is showing all that he’s a man.

nick-jonas-gay-dance-clubAlthough the 22 year-old did it for the boys first (gave a striptease at BPM  a New York gay club) this time he’s doing it for the girls.

32e831c685d870e062ff84af2ec54295In what looks like a 2014 version of a retro Mark Wahlberg Calvin Klein add, Nick Jonas is showing us all what he’s working with in his Flaunt magazine spread’s…“Grind” issue (seriously-that’s the issue’s title).

Nick _FlauntMag0It’s atypical for any magazine to publish pictures of a male crouch grabbing but Flaunt magazine must have known that their readers and Nick Jonas’ fans would not get their panties in a bunch…at least about that.


Nick _FlauntMag5_P.S

For the record, I keep my flustering a bit P-G when I write these things up but I gotta admit-my tongue did one helluva dance and I was a little flustered (for about 2 minutes).

Now, I’ve seen some incredibly pronounced and even nicely broad backs and exaggerated torso’s leading to male crouches in my time, but never have I seen such an “explorative,” exaggerated lower back/torso-so pronounced and deep, leading to…an a$$. What IS that thing? I just wanna buy it and..and…put it in glass vase or something-I dunno.

*throws hand*

Oh don’t mind me, my eyes and mind chisel and compute robotically.

At any rate, now that the perving and objectification is over, let me remind you that Nick’s self-titled solo release is due out November 11, and his Top 10 iTunes new single + video [for] Jealous, (as featured top the OSF big screen) is out now-which features his actual girlfriend Olivia Culpo.

His spread in Flaunt is on newsstands, now!

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