{Buzz} Brad Does Bob: BRAD PITT To Play BOB MARLEY?


Don’t know how true this is [coming to fruition or no] but rumors were buzzing two years ago to the date of this very month that actor Brad Pitt will be taking on the role of Bob Marley!

Rumors began to swirl when he his did a retro-character photo shoot channeling actor James Dean and as well: Bob Marley-both by which he pulled off magically well, I might add!


Before you decide on an opinion, let me enlighten you on two things, so don’t panic:

Bob Marley is bi-racial and was true to:

“One Love, One Heart

Let’s Get Together


Feel Alright,”

…so…be alright about it and let me tell you this, too:

Despite the 12 Years a Slave director’s retro-photo shoot capturing Bob Marley and the essence of the Bob Marley [we all may have been too young to know, but still-we somehow “know”]-Brad Pitt is atop the list of one of the most versatile actors in the business-not just for his praise and accolades; but his versatile body of work is chameleon-like and more colorful than most.

I am a MAJOR fan of Brad Pitt’s body of work, and if you have any doubts in the extremes of his ability to pull off such a role (or his versatility), I invite you to go rent Kalifornia (co-starring Juliette Lewis and David Duchoveny) in order to see him in such an usual/atypical light and unlike you probably have would have guessed you’d see him [pull off].

About playing the loved, and revered late activist, humanitarian, and singer–in an interview with Interview magazine some time ago, Pitt had this to say [about taking on the role]: “I want it to be worthy enough of a story to leave the family, you know? They’re everything… The family is first… I don’t want to embarrass them.”

Uh…I feel very confident that Brad Pitt can pull this role off phenomenally.

I’m here (and will be there) for it! I love Brad Pitt.

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