KRIS JENNER Probably Wipes Her Forehead Now That RENEE ZELLWEGER Took The Heat Off Of Her


I’m not biased-trust me-but I gotta admit something: I don’t like posting stories that are not so flattering about celebs and people in the media who you (rather than publicity stunts) you know are strictly about the business and work of show business (more than “show business”).

But hey, I blog so…here goes something…about another kind of “work” that took the world of celebrity aback a few feet.

jesus be a light(Jesus, be a light, please).

B0lKcXFIMAAYLIjOk, here I go…

So…Renee Zellweger sort of unintentionally unveiled her new look at Elle magazine party in a way like one would drop pounds. You know…you know how everyone holds your hand, steps back on one leg, and says: “Hey girl you look awesome!”

But what happens when you lose…your face…and it’s a whole different person–drastic to the point where you walk right up to [who she looks like now] and probably would say: “Robin Wright-Penn? Z’at you! Girllll you look great! What’d you do!” …but it’s actually Renee Zellweger.


I can’t imagine how awkward her night went-with all the stares and contemplation surrounding the room about how, or if you should compliment it, or act like you don’t even see it.

Although after hearing about the media outpour of shock and awe about her new face, Renee reportedly said she’s “happy” [that people “thinks” she looks different], and is reported as having said: “people don’t know me in my 40’s.”

Although being away from the scene for a while and having come back; a few peels, and having gone under the scalpel for a few nips and tucks here and there are the norm in Tinseltown, but a complete face-off from one beautiful woman [transformed] into another beautiful woman had to be just…so uncomfortable to process, I have to admit.

This however, sure as heavens took the heat off Kris Jenner who, just yesterday, was put on blast for that great, grand, filtered Photoshop job she posted to her social media page—but as you know, the world of social media will dissect you and turn states evidence in all up, down, and across timelines and pages on your a$$.

KRIS JENNER_COOKBOOKIn an innocent moment of securing bragging rights that Mr. Hell’s Kitchen himself: Gordon Ramsey gave her the thumbs up for being more than just a momager with a green thumb, but too, a green thumb in the kitchen.






Kris posted a pic of she and Ramsey:  ↓




 Thanks so much @gordongram for the shoutout and for your amazing support!! #Legend #GordonRamsay #InTheKitchenWithKris

Well…he wanted his bragging rights too I guess because–he posted the same pic on his social media page! ↓

 Great seeing you tonight @krisjenner, can’t wait read the cookbook ! Gx

*sounds the Price is Right ‘wrong move’ sounder*

*press play*  ↓


Guys…it’s not all vanity and not all-bad, know why?

While we’re so busy crapping on Kris, she so graciously touched him up too! ↓


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