As you may well know, when Rihanna’s on the west coast, she fancies Santa Monica’s Giorgio Baldi’s Italian restaurant above all others but when on the east coast, her delicacy of choice is Da Silvano in New York City where she was spotted already in July and August this year, dining.

Obviously, the papz knows where the “haps is at” and on October 20th [they] caught the pop princess leaving the restaurant looking smart-chic dressed in a pair of black tights, and draped in a black cloak while wearing a pair of black and white vertical striped pumps with her hands covered in royal blue and pink leather gloves-clutching a Chanel primary-colors, patch purse (to compliment her gloves-that are doing their own thing).


Now you can run with this little tidbit any direction you wish to. I’ll just place it right here:

On October 17, Rihanna was spotted striking a pose for the camera—and well…while seems like nothing new, fact of the matter is, she had on mens underwear—resembling that of the same pair Chris Brown took a selfie in [at some point in time while he was dating her].

chris brown selfierihanna in chris browns undies or nah

Well, with Chris having spoken with Entertainment Tonight in a recent interview and having stated:

“We’re friends. Nothing too serious… We’re not trying to start a life together right now, we’re just having fun,”

…obviously a tidbit like that could send gossip sites’ tongues-a-wagging despite the fact that Chris and long-time girlfriend Karrueche Tran have been quite an item pretty much all summer (consistently) and without incident or interruption by the often public tumultuous goings on between Brown, Tran, and the Unfaithful singer and Barbados beauty.


But sources close the Tran and Chris are on record as having said

“Karrueche is one of the main reasons Chris is back on his feet and becoming more mature as the days go by, he wouldn’t break her like that. He loves Karrueche too much and wants her in his life forever. Especially on a romantic level. In Chris’ mind, not too many girls can replace Karrueche or even walk in her shoes. He has promised her he’d never cheat on her or break her heart again and he meant that.”10723911_1479459368995573_2029198500_n

The source continued:

“Chris can have any woman he wants, and they keep throwing themselves at him no matter where he goes-but they don’t hold a candle to Karrueche. He and Karrueche are solid.”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our sources say that a few days ago, Tran Facetime chatted with Brown who, was on the toilet they’re that comfortable with one another at this point and well…with the world in on the sh!t as well.

Additionally, the couple attended Amber Rose’s 31st Halloween-themed birthday party and too, singer Teyana Taylor’s album listening party-both, just a few days ago.

chris and karrueche

We don’t have to question that stoic “George Bush never loved us” look on Kanye’s face-that’s the norm for him, but if you’re chanting Pink “Why So Serioussssss”—and wondering why Kim is looking as if she is boiling over with excitement, rumor has it that she was less than pleasant to Karrueche at the party and at one point, even walked away while [Karrueche] was talking to her and this photo here was only made possible by Kanye-who was said to have kept the peace. As well, they said Kim had a conniption-fit about doing it and was said to having referred to Tran as “lowbrow.”

I would hate to think that was true…a teyana taylors party

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