Fellatio for the Role: Wild N’ Out Comedian SPANKY Claims TYRESE Did It For “Baby Boy”


*sticks fingers in ears…squints…closes eyes…and lips tightly*

Make it stoppppppppppp.

downloadTyrese is in the news combating accusations that are sure to taint the memories of two of urban cinemas’ fondest movies (and character’s): Tyrese (Baby Boy) and Morris Chestnut (Boys n’ da’ Hood).

Don’t know what possessed Nick Cannon’s Wild’N’ Out cast member comedian Spanky to drop a dime on Why You Wanna Act Like That singer Tyrese (and actor Morris Chestnut) during a video floating around with him doing an interview on his radio show, but (true or false) the fact of the matter is: it’s making its rounds and spinning heads.

In the video, Spanky alleges that Tyrese gave head to get the role [of Baby Boy], Jamie Foxx hit on him, and Morris Chestnut holds all male butt naked basketball parties stating (quote):

download (1)I had an audition it was 30 stars there. There were so many stars there that I was like, I don’t f*!kin belong here….Three weeks later, it was me and another person (now we’re the best two people that’s there). He gets up he reads, I’m thinking: ‘F!ck, I’m not gonna get his.’ Then I get up and I read, and I shocked myself. We both sit down and the producer goes, ‘I love both of you guys, both of you are talented. But which one of you guys is gonna suck my c@ck. I busted out laughing because a motherf&cka ain’t never talked to me like that. And what f!cked me up though is that other dude… wasn’t laughing… And I looked at both of them, and was like aww hell naw. And to keep it real, he got the leading role: “BABY BOY.” (unquote)

And for those of you who don’t who “Willie Beamon” is (the person he refers to on the video tape)—“Willie Beamon” is the character that Jaime Foxx plays in Any Given Sunday).

Check it out for yourself:



Obviously, all this happened quite some time ago—because Baby Boy is a classic.

Nothing surprises me. So I’m not saying the claims are too far fetched because strange things do happen in Hollyweird for many people who are trying to “make it” [happen].

But as far as Spanky’s claims on how it went—down (no pun intended), all we need is for him to produce a photo of the him-then, so we can rest our curiosities (and make it stop).

Right now, he’s a big burly dude, I’d be curious to see who would proposition the Spanky we’re looking at right now.

Just saying.



For the record, Tyrese spoke out about it by reiterating something that we all pretty much knew: That the role of “Baby Boy” (written by John Singleton, 2001) was originally written for no one but slain rapper/actor Tupac. But when Tupac died, the role was secured and given to him despite the formality of an audition (which, according to Tyrese) was done to screen Taraji P. Henson‘s (as his baby-mama) role and AJ Johnson’s role as his mother).

Tyrese If you follow Tyrese, then you know he is notorious for doing vlogs.

So of course, having something like this come across his desk, he would be remised (and suspect) had he not responded, and he sure as hell did.

Dressed in a fur blanket, holding a cigar, and standing outside his home and outdoor theatre, Tyrese elected to show struggling actor (slash) comedian Spanky Hayes how he balls and to let him know that, as a result of what he did, he would never work in that town again stating [quote]:

“What man wakes up and says, ‘You know what? Today…I want to end my career. Today, I want to figure out a way to stop my kids from eating. Today I want to commit career suicide.’ You know you done fkd up, right?” [unquote]

Lastly, as a kind of ode to Spanky that begged every bit of “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye To Yesterday” playing in the background, Tyrese went on to put up a reel of Spanky’s career and send him off by stating this:


“It’s over. You didn’t have a career at first. But it definitely just ended… You’ll never perform at the Chocolate Factory. You’re never going to perform at The Improv. You’re never going to do any of the things that any struggling comedian needs to do in order to get their career off the ground. It’s over.”

Now for the record, too, as your resident personologist and in my Chris Tucker/”Friday” voice*

Don’t ever ever ever ever ever ever EVVVVVVVVVVVVVER try to ruin a Capricorn’s money, their status, and their reputation. They guard those things with the fight of a fat kid being forced-fed broccoli I tell ya.

You know how Elvis (a Capricorn himself) be-like: “Uh-you can do anything but lay off-a my blue suede shoes?”

Those let those “blue suede shoes” serve as a metaphor for career/status/money/reputation where a Capricorn is concerned.

Don’t step! ESPECIALLY while they’re climbing, or have reached a certain level of status/money in a/their career. They will come see you about trying to eff up their rep, in any way. A sure-footed Cap is like a sure-footed goat climbing a mountain with those leather heels for feet. And don’t eff with’em while on their climb.

At any rate, let me let Tyrese take over for you his native Watts-Cali style to show you what I’m talking about:


I believe Tyrese–because I know when somebody’s lying to me and trying to skim over the scandal. Without dancing around it, he recapped what he was accused of having done, took the issue straight on and handled it! I respect (and believe) everything he is saying. Glad he stepped up and stood up for himself.

P.S.S. Actually this story came across my desk about 9 a.m. yesterday and I was going to blog it-but I ignored it. But since he stepped up, I did-today.

Carry on.


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