RICK ROSS Recommends Celebrities Be Kind To Paparazzi

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 Spoken like a true former corrections officer and diplomat; Rick Ross has a few words of advice for his fellow compadres and superstar friends:


66828-original 120833-original 128314-original Stop giving the papz such a hard time, guys.

I can’t help it. I have to admit it.

images (23) When I wrote that line (and may he rest in peace-as, this is no dig at him-because I certainly loved and miss Michael) but Ross’ advising celebs to stop giving papz such a hard time totally had me re-enacting and reciting aloud, [Michael] saying: “Why can’t you just let’em sleep in your bedddd?”

83783-originalAccording to our sources, Rick Ross is baffled by the behavior of many of his celebrity friends who push papz out of the way, verbally abuse them, or try to hide from their cameras.

104689-original Don’t get me wrong, I actually agree with Ricky Rozay (and always have-with the exception of when celebrities are with their small children who do not yet understand that kind of commotion). But other than that, it comes with the territory. Living a fab life where you are paid to be beautiful and are afforded the time, the living, and the lifestyle to do all things conducive to that; being photographed by papz is fair exchange (in comparison to the average, regular 9-5 working person’s whose “lifestyle” is merely working to pay bills-that comes with their territory), so…fair exchange is no robbery.  

You try being a member of a public gym where this one guy’s life is completely made– such that he feels joy in counting your footsteps up the spiraling stairs while on route to the ellipticals and treadmills to get that awesome footage of your ass bouncing-that he’ll kindly cop a squad on the floor by his big bag, grab his gallon jug of water and take footage of while trembling and looking like a scared puppy. No bodyguard in sight for you-and in a public place, aint a damned thing you can do about some chronic weirdo who you can’t really say anything to-(because you don’t know what else he has in that bag), so you played out screams in your head saying: “B!tch-pay me for your head-film and eyelid fantasy tonight.”

Total tragedy: Lifestyles of the Fit and Un-famous.

At any rate.

77854-original  Although it doesn’t seem as though Ross is about to go out on a crusade and start a movement, he is adamant that stars have a duty to treat those [who keep their faces in the media-wanted and unwanted, alike] with respect nonetheless. And with that, he urged those in the public eye to give the guys behind the lens some help instead of being difficult.

95747-original  95745-original  Ross, who feels celebs should pretty much strike a pose and vogue for the papz, tells The Guardian (a British newspaper):

95746-original  “What you do is–you don’t fight it. You go out, wearing your nice pea coat and you say: ‘Get this angle. … Now go over there.’ You know.. give the guy some art direction. Then when they think about it later, they’ll be like: ‘Hold up, I just did a free photoshoot!’ Yes you did! Now come along-don’t fight them, use them [expletive].”

*perplexed look on face*

…Ok. Way’min…what just happened here?

I think he just helped me out too-I think I might even try that. I’ll be sure to let you guys know how that “worked out” for me, too.

Source: Wonderwall

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