KERRY Keeps Karmic Energies Away From Birth of Baby……Born Two Weeks Ago

An FTC radio and television 3-second delay aint got nothing on Kerry Washington, okay?

kerry-washington_04  The Emmy-nominated fiercely guarded Scandal star who, like her character, knows how to take all the necessary steps to ensure even her own private life outside of the character is fixed and tucked away from the public.

We first heard that Washington was pregnant well-past her first trimester while all that time, was right under our noses every Thursday night, just-a-pregnant-and-a-fixing.

Well this time, we (the public-on Friday, May 2) found out almost a couple weeks later, that the star had already had her baby!

1388175370_kerry-washington-nnamdi-asomugha-467  The bouncing baby girl, Isabelle Amarcachi Asomugha, born to Kerry Washington and retired NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha, was born around 5 p.m. in Los Angeles on April 21, 2014.

kerry preggers late trimester  We’re going to even call this news a rumor-seeing as though the couple themselves, have not announced the baby publicly as yet. And according to Kerry’s publicist: Amanda Silverman, no statement was made available [as yet].

I don’t blame Kerry for her “Keep Uut” signs hanging outside her private life’s doors, especially regarding sacred times like early preggers and the birth [of].

I thoroughly believe in energies and subscribe to the notion that any person or any thing born at a certain time has the qualities of that moment in time. And she certainly didn’t need the massive energy of the public’s hoopla and noses all up in her nurturing first trimester and her childbirth moment in time.

I’m funny about moments and energies. If I do not want to share a special or sacred moment of my own life’s time with a person/people, I will not deal with an atmosphere/setting or the person/people during that particular moment in time. It’s not a superstition it’s just an energy: a universal energy that we can’t stop or control-but can very well choose to avoid sharing with just “anyone”/random people.

It’s essential for our sacred moments’ qualities and moments in time–that they be shared among the same energies/qualities/love/well-wishes that we know are sure things. It’s all no different than choosing who to invite to your wedding or birth of your baby–we don’t allow sacred moments in time like that to be shared with just anybody.

kerry-washington_160973-1920x1200 Contrary to popular belief of the world we live in today, some special and major things can be kept pure–if you guard + let + insist and make them so.

So go Kerry! Love her!


At any rate, in spirit of Scandal, let’s just make due-kinda “presidential:” where, all our parents can tell you what they were doing at the very moments in time during JFK’s presidency.

What were we writing-up/blogging about around April 21st while President Fitz’s “Olivia Pope” was away giving birth?

I typed April 21 in the search at Other Side of the Fame and got this .

Have fun guys 🙂


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