Illuminati Members BEYONCE, JAY Z & KANYE WEST Being Sued

Keep sitting on the Internet and making You Tube videos about Illuminati members and circulating your most profound findings about each one, why don’t know. Step your game up and put their super powers to use-like even a California prison inmate was dumb enough, crazy enough, bored enough, smart enough to do [in his bizarre claim and lawsuit].

In a $2.4 billion-dollar civil rights lawsuit (filed in California Eastern District Court by inmate Richard J. Dupree, Jr. on April 21), according to, the man insists that musicians stole lyrics for over 3,000 of his library of songs while he sat behind the bars of a California jail. The theft was reportedly being aided and abetted by several law enforcement agencies like the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security who helped Jay Z, Kanye, and Beyonce, spy on him while he had been hard at work on the songs-and (via satellite) the intelligence agencies assisted them.

download Chris Brown and Rihanna are also included in the suit, too, by the way.

Although we’re anxiously awaiting the list of songs that Dupree speaks of, we do know what he is asking for-for damages: to be freed from Corcoran California State prison [and the $2.4 billion dollars] let me guess: “in unmarked cash?”

Let’s see:

*throws head and eyes up and begins counting on fingers*

Okay so with Rihanna, Chris Brown, Jay Z, Beyonce and Kanye combined, they should be able to fork over the $2.4 billion and restore this man’s life back to some semblance of normalcy…………..I’m guessing.



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