JOHN LEGEND Advises KANYE Against Reality TV

All of me crooner John Legend has boundaries where giving all of [him] is concerned.

Chrissy+Teigen+John+Legend+Christine+Teigen+Be8oJsmECmFl Christy Teigen can give up all the real and reveal she wants to in a magazine spread by letting us all into she and husband John Legends’ satin and sexy, but when it comes to putting it on reel for the world to see on an ongoing basis, the Ordinary People singer’s got one thing to say about that: “Cut!”

article-2277921-1789F68E000005DC-978_634x457  John says that his wife, model Christy Teigen, indeed has been double-tapped to consider doing a reality show and despite the fact that legend and here of late has it [that it can increase your popularity and income], Legend himself is totally against it-so much so, that he even advised his long-time chum Kanye West not to use [his wife’s platform] to do such a thing. He told BANG Showbiz: “I don’t know what Kanye is doing with the show (Keeping Up with the Kardashians). To this point, he’s made minor appearances but it’s not been all about their relationship. It’s really hard to do that on television and I think it’s dangerous for a relationship.”

John Legend believes (and advised Kanye) that doing reality shows and letting cameras in on your personal relationship will definitely put a strain on it. He is not totally against allowing his wife do reality tv altogether-but just the right kind. He explained: “I think there are all kinds of unscripted television and I think Christy’s keen to do the right kind, but not the: ‘Let’s watch John and Christy be married’ kind. It’s not really healthy for our relationship-we don’t want to put our relationship on television, I think we share enough as it is.”



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