JANICE DICKINSON Announces She Has Breast Cancer – Will Document Experience on THE DOCTORS

During an interview with DailyMail today, outspoken, 61-year year old former supermodel, author, former America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) judge Janice Dickinson announced that she had Janice Dickinson former supermodeljanice dickinson then and nowbreast cancer.

Via an early stage mammography and biopsy, her doctors found a pea sized lump in her right breast which later tests confirmed Dickinson has early state ductal carcinoma is situ (DCIS).

Given the official diagnosis on March 12, Dickinson stated: “I got the call and my doctor informed me that yes, it is indeed cancer. When I found out, I knew I had to be brave and I had to be strong.”

Beginning April 6, the brash and sassy former reality star will share her experience and treatment with the medical show The Doctors and refuses to let the diagnosis define her.

“I’m going to get through this! Oh, you betcha, kiddo! And I’ll be just fine.

She asserts: “I’m not gonna let that define me — the fear.

Two years ago, while on the E! reality show Botched, Dickinson underwent a

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