NICKI MINAJ Interrupts Show To Snatch Security Guards Cell Phone

Like the first 20 seconds and 1:03-1:45 minute marker of this Players Club video clip, Nicki Minaj had her “Ronnie” / ‘Alright you white motherfckrs all eyes on me. If I catch you looking at anything else I’m gone beat ch’yo a$$ like a runaway slave’ moment:



Nicki Minaj

Well if security is hired to secure + keep eyes on you (and all surrounding and near), it’d be no wonder that if you catch security’s eyes on cell phone, then obviously there is a breakdown in communication somewhere that very well can make you want to tap in.

Such was true this past Good Friday when while “Feeling Herself” in Dubai, Nicki Minaj spotted a member of her security team feeling his cell—right smack dead in the middle of her show. Nicki then proceeded to do just what I believe in: Stop, drop and roll-handle sh/t right where it’s at.

While breaking it down, Minaj broke from between her dancers and commandeered the security guard’s phone before taking her place back with her dancers to carry on.

Tap in:

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